Thursday, August 19, 2010

a typical day

As I mentioned here before, I love involving Mischka in everything that I do, big or small. A typical day for us can be crazy, running errands from one end of town to the other. Some days can be uneventful (but blissful) at home, baking, reading or just plain lounging around. My mission is simple -- do at least one productive thing every single day. 

Last week for us was very busy. I had a boxful of new stocks to deliver to their respective outlets. Normally the whole process of preparing, tagging, wrapping, and delivering is taxing (especially if you do everything yourself-- not that I'm complaining) but with Le Misch around, even if there is more work, it seems lighter and a lot more fun!

Checking each and every merchandise.

A preview of Fall from my eponymous line.

Our scheduled delivery destination for the day- PLUCK.

My favorite things in Pluck.

More of my favorite things in Pluck.

I have 3 items left in-store. I hope they find their homes soon.

My little assistant is tired from a hard day's work.
But was up and snacking in no time.
My typical Singapore garb- GAP chambray button-downs, Old Navy white shorts, H&M leather belt, New Look ballet flats and necklaces from my loot.
Pluck is a charming little boutique with a cafe and an ice cream parlour. Their ice cream is a must-try! And the shop, a must-visit!

31/33 Haji Lane Singapore 189226
T: +65 6396 4048
F: +65 6396 4046

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