Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm loving...

I woke up this morning to Le Misch counting 1-2-3- gooo!! I was in the room and still in bed so I didn't see exactly what she was doing. Made my morning, nonetheless. 

You see, I've been teaching her to count for weeks now but has only been showing interest to two numbers- 1 and 2. But yesterday, she counted up to 10! Yes, I almost fell off the chair in disbelief. She knew all along!!! These kids are just simply amazing, aren't they?

And because I woke up to a chirpy household (myself included), let me share with you what I'm loving now...

For my elles, harpers, vogues and previews.

For Le Misch.

For myself.

Don't you just love Anya Hindmarch and her knack for making unnecessary things completely necessary, because they are just so chic?

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