Monday, August 30, 2010

snaps from the weekend

The weekend kicked off with some catching up with good friends from Manila over brunch at the new Marché in 313 Sommerset .

Followed by some pleasurable errands to Haji Lane. Pleasurable, because I love going to this place. It's an alley filled with out-of-your-way quirky shops. For some reason, there is always something new here. Good for us shoppers but not good for the shop owners as this means business is not good enough for them to thrive. Sigh.

This time around we stumbled upon a new coffee shop cum furniture shop called Cafetables. I like the interiors and the coffee ain't bad too. Hubby and I were dreaming of owning such place in Manila over our affogatos and lattes while our dear Mischka was relentlessly trying to take a sip of my drink.

Came Sunday, Le Misch and I woke up to a hubby-less home who went out for an early round of golf. He came home early and we all went out to brunch with the gang at Relish.

The weekend that was.

Saturday Brunch

Bell ringing the cow!

I was eavesdropping to their conversation and it was hilarious!

Quite possibly the freshest veggies I've ever seen.

What Misch and I had.

A push cart cum high chair. Kid-friendly resto at it's finest. 

They even have bibs like this.

Haji Lane

 At Cafetables.

 Someone got to wear her gladiators that day.

Father and daughter.

Sunday Brunch

Our weekends are simply the best because of this girl.

'Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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