Wednesday, August 11, 2010

snaps from the rest of our vacay

Our over-extended vacation has officially come to an end.

Now back in Singapore, Le Misch and I look back to what a full month it was. Aside from beaches, we also went on a trip to my hometown of Bacolod. Oh how I missed the laid back, easy going life I used to live. Le Misch had a taste of it and she seemed to have liked it.

At great grandma's house

Day 1 at Whole Kids

 One with the balls

 One with the balls again

Thank goodness for nap time. Now the mummies can sneak in some shopping.

Day 2 at Whole Kids: Art Attack

Although we were both a bit under the weather some days, I managed to take a look at Manila Art 2010.

Migs Villanueva's Hide and Seek
 Hubby wanted this but it got sold even before the art show opened.

 Art on the spot

Apart from all the trips, festivities and some work here and there, we are glad to have caught up with family and good friends we all dearly miss.

And before we know it, it has already been a month. How time flies when you're having fun, indeed.

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