Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

While my friends Pat, Leona, and I were concocting a little something exciting (watch out!), we did a bit of mixing on the side. It was quite buzzing but nonetheless a perfect way of happy weekending. Pardon the writing, I'm quite in the mood for rhyming. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

happy weekend

Tonight, we'll be doing some mixing and muddling. To wear something refreshing is only but fitting. Cheers to a happy weekend! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Over the long weekend, Le Misch and I found time to make vignettes of my new clutches. I'm not just saying this. She really did help me with these. She picked out the accessories and was just eagerly putting things together, asking me if they match or not. Having a girl is just seriously fun, isn't it, mothers-of-little-girls? Of course, I have no idea how it is to have a boy but I bet its pretty awesome too. 

Moving on, may we present to you... the latest pieces to join our small collection. I have more in the works but these 4 are yours for the picking over at CHICIFY
The popular Jenna patchwork is back in new color combinations. Orange is a strong hue but when paired when an old favorite, Mr. Tan, with a bit of hair leather in zebra thrown-in, you get a nice mix of unexpected textures coming together like they were made for each other.
If orange is too much of a showstopper yet you still want something interesting, this tonal synthesis of hair calf leather, subtly shimmering bronze, and distressed tan is one for you. A closer look at it, here
The Kirstie is a personal favorite. I like the element of surprise it has in that vertical stripe of zebra-print hair leather. Tan for me is as classic as black and the POC (pop-of-color!) the brass zipper brings has just the right amount of zest.
Talk about zest and this Kirstie is full of it. It's in textured skin with leopard print hair leather vertically sliced in the middle. Add the yellow brass zipper to the equation and this one's definitely far from mellow.

These are all in full leather and are all lovingly handmade by local artisans. We only have limited pieces available as I know you like it like that. I do too.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY {Wish-You-Were-Here Postcards}

My good friend, Pen, loves receiving postcards in the mail. She's just endearingly old-fashion like that. Over the course of our friendship, it has been a tradition that I send her postcards whenever I can from whichever corner of the world I may be. I think I have sent her postcards from Paris, St. Petersburg, Athens, Istanbul, Bali, Barcelona... and the one from San Francisco is still slowly on its way. Snail mail still has got its charm on us. 

When I came across this idea from a book I picked up from SFMOMA, my heart raced a little. Why didn't I think of this before?! It would have saved me from trips to souvenir shops to pick up commercial postcards. I know this is something Pen would appreciate more.
So here's what you need:
8.5 x 11" sheets of board paper
cutter/ utility knife
cutting mat
map of your trip (I got a world map from National Bookstore)
glue stick/ double-sided tape

The simple steps:
1. Trim the board paper to postcard size (4.25x6")
2. Map your route. Trace your postcard boards on your chosen map sections.
3. Cut and stick your chosen map sections on your postcard boards.
4. Decorate your postcard maps according to your fancy. I drew hearts on the places that I am (supposedly) visiting.
5. Decorate the back just like how a classic postcard looks.
6. Have fun!
This idea is also great for save-the-date cards especially for destination weddings or for a fun treasure hunt. But if you have a friend like Pen, imagine the glee on her face when the postman hands her this.

**Inspired from the book Handmade Hellos 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mischmash Travels {LA-LA Land}

For our 3-day pit stop in LA, we made sure it was filled to the brim. We made a list of the spots we wanted to hit and restaurants we wanted to try. Of course, we barely made it halfway our list but we were decided to make the 7-hour road trip we took from San Francisco all worthwhile. 
A quiet lunch with my little family over Mario Batali's fare is nothing short of perfect to celebrate my 32nd. 
Outfit credits: dress, The Ramp/ cape, bought from Hong Kong/ boots, JCrew/ bag, Alexander Wang
We bumped into singer/designer Kate Torralba at the Grove.  It's always nice to bump into a friend in a foreign land.
Ask the girl what her most favorite hotel is and she will tell you-- the W, in a heartbeat. Her outfit: top, Carter's/ tights, SM/ shoes, Nordstrom (as seen in other pictures)
What's a trip to Hollywood without a picture with the infamous sign? Tis the best the Mr. can do though. Meanwhile, Mischka's outfit: sweater, Missoni x Target/ pants, H&M/shirt, Cotton On, sneakers, Superga.
Topping the LA list was the Getty Center. Outfit credits: blouse, Pink Manila at The Ramp/ skirt, H&M/ boots, Aldo.
To be able to stare at Van Gogh's Irises for a good few minutes was the highlight of our Getty experience.
Of course, I had to stop by Kelly Wearstler's flagship on Melrose Avenue. The store and everything in it are ahhhmaaazing!
Goodbye LA! We'd definitely make more time, next time!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

I've been in search of inspiration lately that a good friend of mine literally stripped her wrist off of this lovely bracelet and wore it on mine. It quite did its magic as when I got home I started sorting and de-cluttering my space. It was only fitting because this weekend we welcomed a new year in the Chinese calendar. 
Saturday was all about creative talk, light food, good company, and pots and pots of raspberry tea.
Sunday, we took Le Misch to see the horses and it just so happened there was a polo match going on. I was bored while she was cheering with sheer delight. For whom exactly, I don't know. 
And what perfect way to cap of this weekend than to party with Katy Perry? It sure was a fun concert that hubby and I we're so tempted to hit the after-party. I'm glad we didn't as I am now battling a stubborn cold.

How's your long weekend going so far? Have you had some great Chinese food already? Have you changed your sheets to give way for good luck?  If you haven't, you still have time! Kung hei fat choy!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Toddler Travel 101 {Tip 2 of 101}

Finally found time to resume my Toddler Travel 101 series. I will post one hundred and one travel tips for when traveling with a toddler in tow. That's a lot of tips, I know. So if you have some, throw it over here. Would love to have you help me reach 101 travel pointers. 

Moving on, let's get the ball rolling and proceed to tip #2. While tip #1 was all about the absolute essentials to pack, I totally missed out on one very important dilapidated springed notebook I dare not forget when we're off to somewhere far. 
Mischka's medical book a.k.a baby book. It always comes in handy especially for times when we need to see a pediatrician in the province or abroad for whatever emergency. 

It also serves as an I.D. for her when we check in a domestic flight. You can always slip in a copy of their birth certificates inside just to be sure. But from experience, just the baby book alone works. Make sure you have it within reach in your hand carry.

There you have it. Tip 2 of 101, for easy, breezy toddler travel. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Falling for Givenchy's Pre-Fall

I should really be talking about summer or at least spring. But who could resist these looks from Givenchy's Pre-Fall collection? Ricardo Tisci certainly set the bar high for transitional fashion as I am literally blown away by his Pre-Fall offerings. I couldn't help but think, these would have been perfect outfit pegs for the weather we enjoyed in the west coast. 
Red-orange when paired with that textured taupe coupled with perfect tailoring is say... perfect?
Loving the unexpected bursts of prints and color. 
I've never quite seen olive and black looked this good together.
Androgyny with just the right amount of femininity.
Luxurious materials mixed with graphic sweatshirts is something the designer does oh so well.

So ladies, if you're traveling somewhere chilly, take cues from these looks and you are sure to battle the cold with that relentless cool about you. Thanks to Ricardo Tisci.
Images via

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mischmash Travels {San Francisco}

As we take you to a round-up of our San Francisco adventure, we're using one of our favorite reads as a guide. You see, it's good to prepare a child for a big trip way before you leave. That way, they are really able to appreciate the place and soak up on the sights. That is of course if they can grasp at least a little understanding already. But even when you think they're too young to understand, reading to them won't hurt. And you'll surely reap the rewards before you know it.

We've seen most of the places and characters mentioned in the book the first time we took Mischka to land of the rising sour dough at age 1. The sea lions, the fisherman's wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, the crooked Lombard St.. those are all staples that are not to be missed in this child-friendly city.
This time around, we had more time to just bask in the pleasant weather and take our time getting to know the city more.
To walk in the park with a cup of Peet's to keep us warm.
To stop and smell the flowers in bloom.
To visit a museum for kids that adults can enjoy just as much.
To ride a carousel that's a century-old.
To visit a museum for adults that kids can enjoy just as much.
To visit a place where there were endless things to explore.
To dance with 3 colorful shadows... feel the fog build up..
and to have good 'ole fun with Mama Bear and Papa Bear.
To drive down south and say hi to our marine friends.
And just simply to go out and dance in the sun.

"Goodnight, San Franciscans. Thank you for sharing a wonderful day."