Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

If you're on Pinterest, chances are you've come across this DIY owl costume. I've long decided it will be Mischka's Halloween garb. She didn't mind. Her only requirement was for it to be pink. 

And pink it is. 

I'm happy with my little DIY scheme and so is she. So pleased she didn't wanna take it off.  

Have a good one, lovelies. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Black Eyed Peas Experience

The MR. and I are not big on concerts but we sure had a GOOD night at the BEP Live in Manila, the other night. It was a last minute thing but who in their right minds would pass up on a VIP opportunity to watch Black Eyed Peas

Amazing would be an understatement. The energy on the stage and on the floor was just insane! The Mall of Asia concert ground was packed! We may have stood for more than 3 hours and it sure was hot (and stinky) but it was a small price to pay for such an experience. 

I had fun feasting my eyes on Fergie's 5 outfit changes. My most fave was the galaxy dress she donned when she performed "Big Girls Don't Cry." Of course, all the ladies, me included, sang their hearts out to the song. 

Filipinos sure love the Black Eyed Peas but the group seem to love us more. I am now officially a huge fan of Apl de Ap. This guy is amazing. The show took an emotional turn when it looked back to  his Filipino roots. Fergie also was at the verge of tears when she said the group is taking break.  

Another highlight was SMART's unveiling of its new hip and young logo. Who better do the reveal than Apl de Ap himself? Love the dots that can be anything you can make of. It promotes creativity, thinking-out-of-the-box, and is just plain empowering.

This post may be photo heavy but I realized I don't have photos of myself! It was the least of my concerns but in case you're wondering what this momma wore to the thumping grounds, it was something like this.
Well, not exactly. While I did wear a pair of cargos and a striped tee, I wish I took cue from Le Misch and wore Superga sneakers instead. And whilst shifting my day tote from one shoulder to the other, I was fantasizing of the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. As mentioned, it was a last minute circumstance. But a fun one at that! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's Talk Skincare

I'm not one to talk about beauty in this blog. Simply because I know I don't have authority on that subject matter. I hardly wear makeup and it's only recently that I bought my first lipstick. Chatterbox pink from MAC. Guess what? I lost it!  

But skincare is a totally different story. I stress the importance of taking care of your skin. I firmly believe that with good skin, there might be little use for makeup.

I used to spend a lot on skincare. I was using a Japanese brand from cleansing down to moisturizing with all the serums in between. But somewhere along the way to motherhood I came to realize that with all the changes our bodies have to endure, the usual lot might not just work anymore. My skin has gone extremely dry and sadly, not as supple as it used to be. I then read somewhere that for my age group (early 30's), anti-oxidants is key and so is playing it safe in the sun.

Now, meet my tried and tested skincare family. The regimen that has been working for me since giving birth. 

5. Clinically prescribed Vitamin A Cream

The Avalon Organics Line is easy on the wallet and is available at all Healthy Options outlets. Mario Badescu you can get through Rustan's but a lot cheaper in the US. VMV Armada is quite on the high side price-wise, but is by far the best I've tried. 

The Vitamin A cream was prescribed by a dermatologist I visited recently. I don't regularly go but I figured I had to at some point. The cream is applied only 2x a week in a pea size portion. In case you're wondering, it's for anti-aging but in very small doses.

And my recent find and most favorite product of late is the Moroccan Argan Oil. It works wonders for me, my dry skin, and occasional laziness. I can never go out of the house un-moisturized so when time is not my side, I just grab this bottle and apply in the car. It's my all-in-one weapon against dryness. Available through Rustan's.

I don't suppose my regimen will work for you too. While it's too soon to worry about wrinkles and laugh lines, it's never too soon to start taking good care of your skin. 

Start by knowing your skin type and take it from there. There are a lot of options in the market and remember, skincare need not be expensive in order for it to work. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mischmash Treats! {Tickets for The Ramp at Philippine Fashion Week} CLOSED

Is your Monday feeling quite a drag? Cheer up! I've a treat for you.

The Ramp Crossings is giving away tickets (first come, first served seating) to 20 Mischmash readers for its first ever showing at Philippine Fashion Week this Saturday, 29 October, 4pm at SMX Convention Center.

I've seen the collection and boy, does it look fierce! I had a number of pieces reserved already. Oops. And we're  showing the kids collection too which I (humbly) had a hand in creating. 

So here's how to win tickets to the show. Just simply follow A Mischmashed Life and The Ramp Crossings on Facebook and  leave a comment below saying why you want to go. 

Easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Weekend Tidbits

Here are a few highlights from our weekend. We caught the Moroccan Bazaar at the village and I think Le Misch had more fun than I did. While I was expecting it to brim with great finds ala souks in Marrakesh, it had the usual ubiquitous stalls selling whatnots. I guess my expectations we're too high. Oh well, as long as the little girl is having a ball, I cannot complain. 

Are you fans of Superga too? Mischka is so much so that she picked this out herself insisting her other pair (in navy) does NOT match. My oh my. 

Another weekend highlight was the bouillabaise I had at Champêtre, former Je Suis Gourmand at The Fort. Délicieux!

The weekend that was. How was yours?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Weekend

Hello lovelies. Just checking in swiftly to wish you all a happy weekend. How is it going so far? Ours is a little slow and extremely humid. While I stay in to escape the scorching heat, my mind is running pretty thoughts of hosting a wine night as I am ever so slightly obsessed with wine and cheese. The Mr. on the other hand is just as obsessed with cocktails schmocktials: gin, vodka, mixers, and all. I've got the invites ready. Just need details to fill it in with.  

The little girl of course is invited but she'd rather host a milk and cookies fete. No invites for disposal, but that should be easy. 

Do you like hosting small intimate parties? Planning and prepping for such is just as fun as the party itself, isn't it?

Have a good one you all. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Surprise Closet Staple Series {Lana of Hautepot}

Hello Mischmash readers! I am Lana of Hautepot and I’m thrilled to share with you my surprise closet staple, these polka dot Palazzo/Pajama pants from Koi Swimwear. I got these pants a few months back since I wanted to try this new trend in pajama dressing. These pants were the most affordable ones I could find and had the most flattering fit. I even decided to get one with a print. 

I almost went home with buyers' remorse thinking, Oh God, why didn’t I make a safe, solid color choice…oh well, at least it’s affordable. If I don’t get to wear it so much, it’s cool. Well, these pants proved me wrong and I have already found numerous ways to wear it. 

Here are some ways ranging from the basic: wearing it with a plain white t-shirt, then a button-down blouse with a striped piping at the neckline, then wearing it with color, print and pattern. 

Since I’ve been stuck in the city almost the whole year, I haven’t found time to wear this to the beach but I can totally see these pants as a great beach cover-up as well. Hooray to unexpected, yet hardworking closet staples! Hope you liked my guest contribution today. 

Thanks again to Mikka for letting me reach out to her readers. If you have other suggestions on how to wear these pants or would like to be a doll and just check out my blog, I’m over at Hautepot.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fantasy Closet {Denim on Denim}

What used to be a fashion taboo is no longer deemed as one. Denim on denim is a look I've taken to liking these past few weeks. I've done it a couple of times with my real-life closet but should I fancy a visit to the much fantasized one, such is what I'll whip up. 

This pairing is mummy-friendly too. With some tan-colored classics thrown in, your trusty chambray and good-fitting jeans are seeing fashion in a new light. To avoid looking like you hailed from the wild, wild west, add some unexpected footwear. It doesn't have to be towering heels or crazy wedges, mind you. Leopard flats would in fact, give it a nice finishing touch. 

So go ahead, mummies. You may try this at home as directed or should you yearn for your own concoction, do share here! 

The Elements:
  1. Mother The Drama High-rise Flared Jeans
  2. Madewell Shrunken Chambray Boyshirt
  3. Dorothy Perkins Leopard Print Belt
  4. Marni Suede Wedges
  5. YSL East/West Bag
  6. Nixon 51-30 Chrono Leather

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mischmash Wish List {Books}

It's that time of the year when you start making lists, not the to-do kind but the wishing kind and I'm starting off mine with these books that are sure to boggle my design hungry mind.


Downtown Chic, Designing Your Dream Home: From Wreck to Ravishing by Robert and Cortney Novogratz, with Elizabeth Novogratz. I've been a huge fan of this husband and wife tandem behind the design firm Sixx Design. They have a knack for turning condemned buildings into one of the most striking residences in Manhattan. Looking (more like drooling) over the spaces they've designed sure gets my heart beating a little faster than usual and my mind racing through thoughts and ideas I've picked up from their genius.

I'm all about making good use of weekends and getting creative. Needless to say, I need this book. I've read the reviews and they're all good. Most of it saying that the projects are beautiful and doable! Kelly Wilkinson is the force behind Make Grow Gather.  

This much-hyped book is definitely on my list. Who doesn't follow Grace Bonney and Design Sponge anyway? And I hear its not just all hype. It's actually bursting at the seams with DIY's, home tours, home improvement tutorials, and a bevy of essential tips on home design! 

Design Sponge at Home (Official Book Trailer) from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

Now, if you may excuse me, I have to run and check the local bookstores if they carry these. If not then, there's always Amazon.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

Louis Vuitton Manila opened its newly renovated flagship store last Friday night and did so with a bang. An ever so posh and classy one, that is. It was understandably a strictly invitation-only event and I feel sorry for the Mr. for missing it! Hence a GNO (girls night out) was in order. Little did we know that after the reveal of the store we are to be escorted to another venue for the after-party. 
And there began a night of dancing, people watching, small talking, and catching up with my Luxasia ladies! Amidst hot air balloons, airplanes and free-flowing champagne and hors d'oeuvres, of course. White Space turned into a sea of Manila's who's who so I was kicking myself for not having a decent camera with me! (Most of the photos here were taken from my Android and some I grabbed from my friends on Facebook.) 
There even was a Jude Law/ George Clooney look-alike magician doing the rounds. It was definitely one of the best parties I've been to this year.
In other news, we took Le Misch to the nearest most decent zoo yesterday. Every morning, upon waking, she only has one thing in mind and would ask "Mama, can I go to the zoo on Friday?" She loves animals to bits and has taken after her dad. As to why always on Friday, I have no idea. 

The weekend that was. Hope yours was as lovely. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Weekend

This came in the mail last week. I'm a little bit late in posting as the party was last night. You see, when the dress code says glamorous, half of your day is gone prepping for it. With some work thrown in, my Friday slipped away just like that. Oh but I had an awesome night. Will tell you all about it on Monday.

Meanwhile, what are your plans this weekend? I'm wishing for a movie night (with lots of popcorn) with the Mr. who's coming back from a business trip this afternoon and a whole day of 'just us 3' on Sunday. Little things we used to take for granted are what we treasure much nowadays.    

Have a good one, lovelies.