Thursday, September 29, 2011

Surprise Closet Staple Series {Natasha of Schue Love}

Hi There!  I'm Natasha from Schue Love and I am thrilled that Mikka asked me to be with all of you today...talking about one of my surprise staples in my wardrobe.    
The item that may come as a surprise is my DAY Birger et Mikkelsen skirt.  It was given to me by a good friend and no matter what time of year I wear it, I always seem to get compliments on it.  The colors are a big reason why it is so versatile.
Fuschia, neon yellow, grey, all makes this skirt unique and fun to wear year-round.

For a fall look, I paired the skirt with a turquoise sweater {Target}, grey suede boot {Banana Republic}, and grey handbag {Marc by Marc Jacobs}.  It's a great skirt to wear with boots because of the length!

For winter, I paired the skirt with a grey top {Stem}, zebra scarf {World Market}, black trench coat {H&M} and black patent leather heels, {Nine West} and grey & gold headband {J. Crew}.  Pretty traditional but the skirt adds a nice pop!

For the spring look, I wanted to change it up with the mixed patterns.  I love this navy striped top {J. Crew}, paired with a chunky belt {Urban Outfitters}, and chunky platform {Target}.  The necklace is made by the same friend who gave me the skirt and you all know this gold watch {Michael Kors}.

My last look is one of my favorites.  This neon yellow tank {Target} pulls out the yellow in the skirt.  Paired with this neutral wedges {Steve Madden} and summer hat {Target}...I can easily enjoy summer with this skirt. 
I love being able to wear one item all year can be unexpected depending on the time of year, but always fun!
Thanks again to Mikka for having me today!

xo natasha

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fantasy Closet {Bring Out The Wellies!}

The metro has once again been hit by a tenacious typhoon that even though the coast has cleared this morning, it is best to come prepared for the heavy downpour and strong gusts of wind it's tail might leave. On a lighter note, I wish I had wellies in this hunter green shade. Thrown in with the staples and this could be the closest we can get to fall fashion in the tropics.

The Elements:
  1. Hunter Original Classic Tall Wellie
  2. Arish Pipe Skinny
  3. Old Navy Canvas Surplus Vest
  4. Joseph Slash Sailor Tee
  5. Betsey Johnson Silk Scarf
  6. Miu Miu Top Handle

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surprise Closet Staple Series

I find closets one of the, if not the most intriguing part of any abode. Curiosity has taken the best of me hence my hosting of another fun guest blogger series. 

A good fitting pair of denims, some white tank tops, a crisp white button down, the little black dress, a chambray shirt, a structured leather tote, a signature scent.. we know the classics all too well. 

But what about a red coat, a pair of leopard flats, leather leggings, bright anoraks, or a sequined skirt? Those are what I call surprise(!) closet staples. Pieces that are nowhere near the classics list but are actually finding its way to your everyday ensembles, sometimes even without you noticing it.

So without further ado, I have one question for you. What's your surprise closet staple?

Mine are fancy skirts. I find myself reaching out for them in my most uninspired mornings. I like mixing them up with the usual suspects aka white button downs, chambray and striped tees. Spice it up a little with some baubles while topping it off with statement footwear and-- voila! That, my friends- as I'd like to think- is my signature look. 

 Now meet the strong contenders of my, now revealed, surprise closet staple.

Faith Hope Love Tulip Skirt. Perhaps my most fave of them all. I have taken a great amount of style mileage off this one. 
Salsatrends Printed Metallic Box Pleat Skirt. Worn just a couple of times but I sorta have a special connection to it.
The Ramp Jersey Uneven Hem Skirt. I found this on a sale bin. Didn't even bother trying it. Paid for it in a heartbeat.
RAF Plains & Prints Knot Skirt. Looks complicated but wear it with a sweater shirt and its a match made in heaven.
Vintage. Pleated. Stripes. Navy and white. Need I say more?
United Pop Beaded Band Jersey Skirt. Hails from circa 2005 and this piece still commands real estate in my teeny weeny closet. 

There you have it. Hopefully my SCS was surprising enough for you. I've also come to realize that all of these are local finds! Just goes to show how much I actually love local design.

 Watch out for our guest blogger letting us in on her surprise closet staple, this Thursday!  

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

Here are a few snaps from our weekend. Friday was fun as we went to a birthday party after school. The theme was princess/fairy. I asked her if she wanted to be a princess or a fairy. She quickly answered that she wants to be a princess with wings! So there you have it, a princess cum fairy in an outfit we whipped up upon receiving the invitation. You get the picture-- someone was totally excited, we put together a look in a span of 15 mins.

Saturday morning, the Mr. and I snuck out to take a midday flight to Boracay. We are still here as I write but stuck in the resort we're staying as it's pouring hard outside. It's chilly yet serene. I'm longing for something warm and toasty though.. perhaps a good cup of hot chocolate? Hope I find one in the island. I heard it's heavily pouring in the metro too. Keep safe and dry, everyone.  

In other news, my beloved S90 just broke so some of the photos here were taken from my Android. Not bad, I'd say but I miss my very reliable point and shoot already. I sorely miss my daughter too.

Sigh. The weekend that was. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Weekend

We're beach bound once again. But no Le Misch this time around and we're having mixed emotions. We know how much she loves the beach and it breaks my heart to leave her. But we need a little break and get some much needed R&R especially for the Mr. Travelling with a toddler, though I've quite mastered the skill, is no walk in the park or the beach for that matter. But we haven't even left and we're missing her already.

Oh well. Have a good one, lovelies.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

dissection of an ensemble {off to school}

So here's what we wore to school yesterday. I like layering on Le Misch especially now when its the height of Denge season. I'm getting sick of just leggings so I like to put skirts or shorts over it. She insisted on wearing those cute little ballerina flats of hers even if it looks like it will come off when she walks more so when she runs. I really don't know how she survived outdoor play. 

As for me, I'm taking time off heels and wedges and is just loving airy, flowy dresses with flats.

How do you dress your kids for school? And what do you wear when taking them?  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Falling for Fall {Modern Tribal}

As Fall rolls in at some parts of the world, I've finally decided to give my brights a rest. One look I'm feeling this season is the mashup of tribal prints and motifs toughened up with tailored pieces. Good news is, I think us mums can pull this off! Shop around your closet and you might just find something to that effect. Go ahead mix it up. Throw in some leather extras and keep everything else low-key. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bacolod Tidbits

We're fresh off our Bacolod vacay and heres a roundup of what we've been up to in my hometown. The main event was my Lola turning 86(!) which of course prompted us to do a little DIY for the fĂȘte. Making good use of old pillow cases, table runners, and wine bottles, we put up a garland and decorated the center pieces. With that, I had my needed dose of creativity fix.

Another highlight was a day trip to DSB (Don Salvador Benedicto). Le Misch had a whale of fun. What, with all the animals she saw on the way and back! Of course, our hometown sojourn will not be complete without a trip to the farm, eating sweet mangoes, and nonstop laughter with the family especially now that my little miss goes by 50 words-per-minute on average. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Weekend

It's Friday and I'm not that ecstatic for the weekend. Only because it means our all-too-short sojourn to the hometown is coming to an end. We fly back to Manila tomorrow and one thing thats getting me worked up is Chicify's first ever pop-up shop at the Port88 Ready, Set, SALE! That and the little project my sister and I have decided to revive which explains the stash of vintage fabrics above. Of course a polka dotted booted miss likes to join in the fun. 

What plans have you laid out for the weekend? Set sale with us at Port88 if you've nothing exciting in the works. See ya!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

dissection of an ensemble {reinventing the old}

We've moved back to the South recently and I have reunited with my bigger yet older closet. I came to terms with some pieces and have decided to let go, to make room for what I have unconsciously amassed at our then halfway house. 2 of the pieces granted a little longer wardrobe lives are the mustard jersey Landmark find and the Faith Hope Love double breasted dress from seasons ago. Mixed them up with some new pieces and voila-- a work/meeting-appropriate ensemble. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sexy Back

I've always been partial to the back. I think it's sexier than the front. 
The element of surprise it brings to a fully clad front is way more interesting, don't you think?

(images from the glamourai, asos, pinterest)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mischmash Stylish Mama {September}

Donna Cuna Pita, former Fashion Editor, Cosmopolitan Magazine, former Associate Fashion Director, Summit Media, freelance fashion stylist, writer, image consultant, and above all, wife, and mother of two beautiful kids, Mateo and Amara
On a normal day, you'll see Donna in shorts, a jacket, and never without some statement footwear. 
A bright eclectic spot at the home where Donna grew up, vintage finds, and rings she has been wearing since college.
Clad in a high slit jersey maxi from Abrace. Above her hangs a commissioned Lydia Velasco painting of her and her sisters.

Describe your personal style.
My style has evolved a lot since i entered my mid-thirties. I used to be much more into the glam-sexy look. Now I'm easing more into classic silhouettes, but still with a little bit of sexy thrown in.
My fashion icons are Bianca Jagger, DVF, and all those glam, fab women of the 60s and 70s.

What are you wearing this fall?
I'm not really a fall/winter kind of gal, so the usual items I enjoy every time this season rolls around are smart jackets/blazers and booties. I love the rich hues of fall, though.

Closet staples?
A classic black dress, statement heels, well-cut trousers, good-fitting dark-wash jeans, shorts, comfy flats, and quality underwear! I'm not really that big on accessories, I just have a few pieces that I rotate.

What is that one piece you can't live without fashion/motherhood-wise?
An easy to wear, wrinkle-free jersey dress that you just slip on and spice-up with accessories depending on the occasion.    

How are you influencing your children's personal style?
I let them make their own decisions when it comes to their clothes. They can wear their spiderman or princess costume to the grocery if they want to, or layer on a multitude of prints. Whatever they feel good in.

Style icons?
The free-spirited, sexy and glam women of the 60s and 70s. I've always liked their easy take on glamour. When I still had my clothing line in Crossings, my clothes were always heavily influenced by what the women of that era wore - jersey jumpsuits, long wrap dresses. Flowing, sexy clothes that celebrated your femininity without looking like you tried too hard. But i also appreciate the minimalist style of the 90s and the ultra-feminine silhouettes of the 40s.

Tip or 2 for all mums out there who want to stay stylish amidst all the hullabaloo motherhood brings?
Always make a little effort to look good - both for yourself and for your family. Stock up on clothes that make you look good with minimal effort like wrap dresses, a crisp white top, good-fitting jeans. Things that you can always depend on to make you look good even on your blah days.

Any shopping advice?
I'm a big thirft store and ukay-ukay shopper! I'm always on the look out for bargain clothes (I have actually scored clothes for as low as Php10!) but I also know when to shell out more cash for a quality item. Be a smart shopper and know what to scrimp on, and what to invest in. I scrimp on basic tank tops, shorts, etc, but I'm willing to spend more on classic pieces i'll be using for years to come, jewelry, and bags. Shoes, I buy mid-range, as long as the shoes are stylish and comfortable.


Thank you Donna for sharing your amazing style. Your tips are priceless. Now we are more convinced that fashion and motherhood can happily coexist.


Photography by Anthony Co.

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