Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

Our weekend was chock full as usual. Early on, we served parasol cupcakes to Mischka's classmates during snack time on her birthday. Our tea party didn't exactly pan out as planned but she nonetheless had a whale of fun turning 3. More on it in the coming posts.

Come Saturday, we witnessed a beautiful wedding in breezy Tagaytay and had a grand time celebrating at Hacienda Isabella. It was our first time there and its actually quite nice.

Sunday was all about work and I don't want to bore you with that. The weekend that was. How was yours?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Get The Look {Sarah Rutson + Eliza}

Sarah: The Ramp Pleated Black Dress/ River Island Sandals/ Mikka Padua Kirstie Clutch
Eliza: Old Navy Floral Dress/ Old Navy Mini Messenger/ Dolce Vita Sandals 

I am fascinated with powerful women in fashion and even more so when they are impossibly chic and are mothers too-- with stylish daughters to boot.  

I adore Sarah Rutson, Lane Crawford's Fashion Director. When I was looking for pegs to get this series started, I came across a picture of her and daughter Eliza in Paris last year. I didn't even know she had a daughter and a gorgeous one at that!

So there you have it. My first Get The Look for mother-daughter tandems. This series aims to style-spire mother-daughter duos and its only but fitting to kick it off with Sarah and Eliza, yes?

Monday, February 20, 2012

DVF for Gap

If you're a mother of a little girl and these images don't get you excited, I don't know what else would. This DVF for Gap collection is just utterly, impossibly cute! The prints, the colors, and those mini wrap dresses are blowing me away! I want them for myself!

Out in about 30 Gap Kids stores and online too this March 15. To get you even more excited, watch the sneak peek here.

"A little girl, the minute she is born, she already is the woman she will be. So to empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become. " - Diane von Furstenberg

Images from here

Weekend Tidbits

This pretty much sums up our weekend. Misch and I have been prepping for her tea party. She is very much involved probably more so than me. Incidentally, March issues have hit the newsstands. (March and September are the only issues I am willing to pay for in full retail.) Nice to brush up on the Spring trends and take a breather from all the cupcake talk around here.
We had a round of drinks with some friends visiting from the US at Big Bad Wolf. The new hangout had me at their Amaretto Sour.
An a affordable art fair in Salcedo Park dubbed as Art in the Park, I would say, was the highlight of our weekend. The goal of the organization behind it is to make art accessible, removing the hoity-toity-ness of galleries and bringing it to the unbounded spaces of the outdoors.

I'm so glad we went in spite of the weather. The place was bustling with art from established, emerging, and new Filipino artists.  Jazz music was playing and just around the corner were wine and food concessionaires. It was a perfect afternoon for creative souls save for our muddy soles from the wet grounds.

The weekend that was. Wishing yours was as art-infused as ours.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fantasy Closet {That Shade of Green}

While pulling out for a shoot yesterday, I spied a dominating color in ZARA. That minty fresh shade of green. It's pretty, subtle, and sweet. To bring the saccharine a notch lower, I like to pair it with a jolting dose of electric blue.  

The Elements:
DENIM Cimarron Skinnies/ Reiss Greta Henley Top/ Gucci Bowling Bag/ Charlotte Olympia Pumps 
SHIFT DRESS Sofie D'Hoore Dakota Dress/ Jimmy Choo Gladys Sandals/ 
Emilio Pucci Box Clutch/ Zahara Bib 
PULLOVER Acne Crop Cable Knit Sweater/ Oasis Pencil Skirt/ Givenchy Antigona/ ZARA Slingback

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project// Valentines

Whenever there's an occasion, Mischka and I try to do a little project. Guess its our nice excuse to get messy and crafty. For Valentines, we've been meaning to do this Wild For You Valentine project. It's easy and economical since we have most of the materials at home. I asked her to look for toy animals we can use to prepare cards for her classmates. We didn't have enough for all of them and her teachers so we decided to make just one for our man. We're gonna ask him to be our Valentine, send this to his office along with a little surprise. Let's see how that goes. 
Have you planned something fancy tonight or are you opting to stay home to avoid the madness like we are? Whatever it is, we hope you have a grand time. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

It was a working weekend for us. While battling an awful stomach bug that has plagued me since late last week, I had commitments to fullfil over the weekend that I just couldn't bail out on. One was our friend's round-the-clock bridal shower which I set up and just couldn't stay til the party. I missed out on some details for the set up but I heard they had an awesome night so that makes me happy.

Come Sunday, I had my first ever cover styling gig with a huge star, a Disney legend, and an incredible mother all rolled into one. It was tough especially when you're not exactly in tip-top shape. Good thing, my overly eager little assistant was there to lighten the load. 

The weekend that was. How was yours?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Princess Tea Party

1. Pretty Cup Cake Kit/ 2. Cup Cake Stand/ 3. Tea Cup/ 4. Buntings/ 5. Tutu/ 6. Paper Crowns

Mischka is turning 3 (gasp!) in 2 weeks and all she wants is a princess tea party. She coined that phrase herself. That's all she can talk about. In fact, she'll tell you no boys and adults are invited because its a tea party for princesses. Geeez. 

She's obsessed with Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Tiana, Aurora and for a mum who's somewhat allergic to character birthday parties, this is nothing but a huge challenge for me. Oh, we're not throwing her a big one. Just an afternoon of fruit juice (disguised as tea) and some cupcakes. 

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fantasy Closet {One Piece Three Ways}

Have you ever come across something you liked so much only to walk away from it for fear of post-purchase regrets? Well, a pair of bold printed shorts could easily have you second-guessing. But if its as stunning as this one from Nicole Miller then you'd really find ways to get the most style mileage off it, wouldn't you?

The Elements:
LUNCH DATE Topshop Blazer/ Marc Jacobs Tote/ H&M Ballet Flats
COCKTAIL HOUR Vince Sequin Top/ 3.1 Phillip Lim Clutch/ Ellery Lace-up Heels
POOLSIDE 3.1 Phillip Lim Bandeau Bikini/ Opening Ceremony Sandals/ Gucci Sunglasses/ Calypso St. Barth Straw Tote

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

dissection of an ensemble {in the pink}

I realized its been awhile since my last ensemble dissection post. For lack of a good photographer at my disposal and posing, not really my cup of tea, I am low on this subject matter at the moment. Last Saturday though, I was lucky to have the Mr. take a quick snap of my rather outrageously pink garb. He asked if it was really my intention to sweep the floor as I sashay around. Silly. 

That stunning pendant is from my sister. I wore it with a necklace from J.Crew.  I know it resembles Joyce Makitalo's so much. But no, it's from a jewelry maker in Cebu.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

This could probably be the most random weekend recap post ever. 'Twas filled with our favorite weekend ingredients of food and friends with some swimming thrown-in. We had a nutty Saturday afternoon and a night of stuffing ourselves silly with steaks and cocktails. 

While the Mr. stayed in to work on some decks on Sunday, my little assistant and I went to shoot a stylish mama in our neighborhood. We brought our photo shoot staple of mini doughnuts and the little misses couldn't be more pleased. 

The weekend that was. Wishing yours was as fun and nutty.   

Friday, February 3, 2012

Carioca Crafty

Having that unexpected "something" thrown-in is key to make an ensemble truly yours. I use this trick all the time. 

Being always smitten by brands evoking that certain global flair like Dries Van Noten and Marni, coupled with the fact that I like to create things with the use of my own bare hands-- result to handcrafted, statement-making pieces that can easily transform even the simplest of outfits.   

Just one of each kind. Available now at Chicify.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fantasy Closet {Serious Pink Phase}

Hooray fantasy closet is back! It's been awhile since my last visit but it feels great to be back actively dreaming of pretty outfits again. Today, it's all about this serious pink phase I'm in. I avoided the hue seasons ago but somehow it still managed to slowly creep its way into my closet in both small and big dosages. I just hope I don't tire of it before summer ends. 

If you're in the same phase I'm in, here are ways to work around this strong hue in manners mild, moderate, and strong. 

The Elements:
MILD Finders Keepers Shorts/ All Saints Carine Top/ Madewell Suede Skimmer/ Noir The Monet Necklace/ Anya Hindmarch Burton Tote
MODERATE Preen Hutchinson Jacket/ 7 For All Mankind Skinny Boyfriend/ Marc Jacobs Shopper Tote/ Calypso St. Barth Akan Thongs
STRONG Vero Moda Jeggings/ Dana-Maxx James Blouse/ Asos Portfolio Clutch/ Christian Louboutin Pumps/ Arik Kastan Earrings

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Little Things

Last night, we've finally gotten around to watching Midnight in Paris. While I was glued to the screen and was all over smitten after an hour and a half, the Mr. didn't even realize the movie was over. He wasn't paying attention, obviously. 

As I may have mentioned in the past, Paris is my most favorite city in the world. I have only been once and it's magic really did rub off on me in a way that no other city has. I am probably just the worst romantic and I couldn't care less if the place and the people have been such a cliche. One of my silliest dreams is to someday move to Paris and just do as the Parisians do. Yes I am in love with the idea as much as I am with the place.

But more than the museums, the beautiful gardens, and the grand palaces, it's the little things that have got me dreamy of this French capital. The bistro chairs dotting the cafes, the street signs that are hard to miss but can easily get you lost, the baguette, that stripe boat neck shirt on the backs of the most perennially chic women I've seen, the gems you serendipitously find in pharmacies and the afternoons spent on a plaid mat with wine and cheese and the Tour Eiffel as a view. Le sigh...

Have you seen the movie?