Saturday, February 11, 2012

Princess Tea Party

1. Pretty Cup Cake Kit/ 2. Cup Cake Stand/ 3. Tea Cup/ 4. Buntings/ 5. Tutu/ 6. Paper Crowns

Mischka is turning 3 (gasp!) in 2 weeks and all she wants is a princess tea party. She coined that phrase herself. That's all she can talk about. In fact, she'll tell you no boys and adults are invited because its a tea party for princesses. Geeez. 

She's obsessed with Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Tiana, Aurora and for a mum who's somewhat allergic to character birthday parties, this is nothing but a huge challenge for me. Oh, we're not throwing her a big one. Just an afternoon of fruit juice (disguised as tea) and some cupcakes. 

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies.


  1. i think our girls would have fun at each other's parties. a princess tea party is all that cally has asked for herself....those words, not kidding! she turned 3 two days ago! so, resisting the princess characters myself, we'll be having princess cupcakes with love heart sprinkles and an afternoon tea party tomorrow. happy birthday to your lovely one.

  2. our little girls would have so much fun together, i think. cally turned three two days ago and all she has asked for is a princess tea party, not kidding. her words, too. i have also shied away from the character princesses, but she loves them to bits....we're going to do cupcakes with love heart sprinkles. enjoy the party!