Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

This pretty much sums up our weekend. Misch and I have been prepping for her tea party. She is very much involved probably more so than me. Incidentally, March issues have hit the newsstands. (March and September are the only issues I am willing to pay for in full retail.) Nice to brush up on the Spring trends and take a breather from all the cupcake talk around here.
We had a round of drinks with some friends visiting from the US at Big Bad Wolf. The new hangout had me at their Amaretto Sour.
An a affordable art fair in Salcedo Park dubbed as Art in the Park, I would say, was the highlight of our weekend. The goal of the organization behind it is to make art accessible, removing the hoity-toity-ness of galleries and bringing it to the unbounded spaces of the outdoors.

I'm so glad we went in spite of the weather. The place was bustling with art from established, emerging, and new Filipino artists.  Jazz music was playing and just around the corner were wine and food concessionaires. It was a perfect afternoon for creative souls save for our muddy soles from the wet grounds.

The weekend that was. Wishing yours was as art-infused as ours.


  1. omg! i love le misch's cute!

  2. Those geometric colorful animals are really something! I love it!

    Almira :)

  3. I loooooove your Art in the Park photos--thanks for posting! I was already in the neighborhood when the rain started, so I was unable to make it this year. Sniff :(

  4. Ms. Mikka, would you know when would the next "Art in the Park" be? Thanks!

    1. It's an annual thing so I guess we have to wait for next year :(

  5. Darn! Too bad I missed art in the park last weekend. It looked really interesting. Thanks for sharing :) by the way, featured the clutch I got from you here