Monday, April 4, 2011

A Mother-Daughter Tandem

I've openly shared my formula for raising a creative, engaged, and interesting child. It could even be the very reason for the existence of this blog.

It's no winning formula but it's the only one I know. I surround my daughter with all things beautiful and creative. However I know that no amount of classes, museum experiences, travel discoveries can mold your child into a curious, creative being.

What makes the most impact, I think, is what they see their parents do. Hence my ultimate little nurture strategy is to involve my child in whatever it is I do, as much as I can. It is not easy and my heart goes out to all working mums out there. But you see, it's what you do with your free time too that makes a mark on raising a creative child.

So in regard of child involvement in adult activities, let me share with you a very special project Mischka and I were part of.

 Smart Parenting's Summer Fashion Editorial shot on location in Anvaya Cove. 

I did the styling and Mischka was one of the models. It was shot on the day of her second birthday and she was running a high fever the day before. I couldn't leave her sick like that but then I made a commitment to these fine people, the wonderful Smart Parenting team. It was a selfish decision, but I just had to take her with me.  She miraculously woke up with the fever gone on the day of the shoot.

Now looking at these pages with those insanely cute kids, makes all the stress endured on those 2 days way worth it. 
Again, I am beyond grateful for opportunities like this. But hey, you need no photo shoot to complete your nurture strategy. Every little thing you do with your child, every single day, counts. As the only people they want to mimic are mama and dada. 

P.S. The Smart Parenting April (Philippine) issue is out in the news stands. Grab a copy and make our day!



  1. This is really interesting feature! Looking forward to buying this issue...
    Hi Mischmashed! I didn't know you personally but your blogsite inspires me (or us) a lot. Your Mischka is soo adorable! I wouldn't be surprise that she'll become a fashion icon someday. I have 4-month old daughter too and I look upon your mommying style. Creative and fun! Sometimes fancy and classy. But overall, exemplary.

  2. Hey thanks so much, Nean! I am humbled to be of any inspiration to you. Enjoy motherhood and do drop by often! :)

  3. Thank you Mikka for giving us the rare opportunity to be part of this. I felt like crying when I saw how nice the pictures turned out especially Sam's picture with the ukalele. :) Another successful endeavor for my style idol!

  4. Very cool! My kids see me make things and then sell them. Now they are writing and illustrating books and want to sell them. They are way more prepared to do so than I would ever imagine a kid to be. I guess they are paying attention to what is around them!