Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two New York + Carioca

I was smitten with Two New York ever since my serendipitous discovery via Design Mom.
You see, I love caftans. I think they are utterly chic and forgiving. With baby, post-baby, no baby, or just plain mummying, caftans are the most versatile piece in every woman's closet. 
My heart did a little somersault clicking through Two New York's collection. I want every single piece! I especially like the styling of the photos, with a baby playing in the background. Speaks right through my motherly (fashion) instinct.
Ahhh.. Two New York.. Makes me want to revive the caftan line my sister and I started 4 years ago. 
We called it Carioca for our love and dream of chic island living. It literally refers to the native inhabitants of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Oh yes, we dreamed of frolicking and dwelling on the shores of Rio and be girls from Ipanema. That's silly, thinking about it now. 

I am entertaining thoughts of reviving Carioca though, thanks to Two New York


  1. Would you believe... I am wearing a carioca piece today... your collection from 200__??I forget... It's as good as new! and perfect for the hot hot summer weather! I was always your No.1 client and forever will be:) So go do it girls! will be waiting...

  2. Mitchhhhhhh...I also miss Carioca! You should really go to Brasil when you can!