Thursday, April 28, 2011

beautiful random things

Isn't this idea brilliant? I, for one, is a sucker for nice packaging and throwing away a pretty, well-thought of shopping bag sometimes breaks my heart. 

Until I amassed a good number of shopping bags worth framing and find a perfect blank wall for hanging, will I only be able to do this. No rush, no pressure.. I'm just gonna keep this idea for future use. 

What do you with beautiful packaging? Do you have the heart to throw them away?

Have a lovely Thursday, friends.


  1. sometimes pretty packaging sells me rather than the item itself. i'm also a sucker for pretty and unusual lining (like in pockets of pants or jackets). i love the little details.

  2. I cannot throw pretty packaging away! I especially love boxes, the pretty sturdy ones that are nice to the touch, and were very well-thought of to please the handler. I keep the unusual ones too for inspiration. :)

  3. Love this idea...if only I had amazing shopping bags like these to frame! :)