Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mischmash Stylish Mama {April}

Vicky Marchadesch, Assistant General Manager, Branded Lifestyle Inc (Distributor of Luxury Eyewear) and a doting mother to Sancho, 10 y.o. 
I've never quite seen a collection brimming with baubles so beautiful, they're definitely conversation pieces. 
Her closet is like an archive of vintage and fabulous finds. To sift through it is close to getting a sensory overload. It's as vibrant as her personality too. 
As if every single piece has a story to tell.
She can never have enough. 
Some details worth capturing. 
Devouring a trunkful of vintage goodness from her late mum and aunt. 
We even found a ticket to a Manila Symphony Society's performance at the Manila Metropolitan Theater dated July 14, 1981, in one of the clutches!
Her home very well echoes her personal style. Retro, vintage, chic-- three words that effortlessly come to mind upon entering her eclectic abode. 

My mind went blank with this question.  I know what I'm not:  I am NOT a minimalist.  But I'm not sure what I am... I'm a wild mix of prints, patterns and pieces that sometimes one would never think to put together... I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll??! These are how some of my friends would describe my style: Vintage, boho, eclectic, retro-chic... and glam glam glam all the way because I like to EXcessorize!

What are you wearing this summer? 
For work wide leg trousers, bow blouses, blousons, maxi skirts, serious platforms, and lots of one-piece assymmetrical dresses so i can just slip it on and head out the door without ever sacrificing style.
For non-work: maxi dresses, flare jeans, flowy tops, dolman-sleeve tops, summer stripes, platform wedges,  oversized Prada sunnies, scarves (that can be worn 10 million different ways) and my ultimate fave-- CAFTANS!

What's your favorite SS2011 trend you think mums can pull off?
I dont follow the trends that much so I dont know what the SS 2011 trends are exactly.... What I do know is that I'm so glad 70's is back in a big way this summer, at least for me. I am a firm devotee of 70's glamour.

Closet staples?
I have two (much)...haha!
Anything in black:  dresses, trousers, tees, tanks, leggings, jeans, underwear.  It's slimming, ergo, a must. And, anything in animal print: leopard, zebra, tiger, snake.  I am convinced that the animal print is actually a neutral... in small doses of course.

What is that one piece you can't live without fashion/motherhood-wise?

Accessories is everything. More is more.

How are you influencing your son's personal style?
Sancho is a sports-nut like his Dad and lives on football jerseys and rubber shoes.  But luckily when we travel, he likes to accessorize with Rayban junior aviators, fedoras, baller bands and leather cord necklaces... plus he looks good in Vintage Levi's.

Style icons?
Talitha Getty, DVF, Diana Ross (love the big hair and the disco-gold!), India Hicks and Rachel Zoe... 
And I am in awe of the personal high styles of Oscar dela Renta, YSL and Halston.

Tip or 2 for all mums out there who want to stay stylish amidst all the hullabaloo motherhood brings? Any shopping advice?

Frugal is the new black.
When in doubt or buying a pricey item, I always keep in mind the absolutely critical, cost-per-wear ratio.  I divide the cost of the item by the number of times I will wear it in a given period. So a P5,000 pair of shoes worn 20 times has a cost per wear of P250. My goal is to shoot for a CPW of P100 or less.
Go green! 
Not only is vintage shopping a fabulous way to find unique, one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories... it's also eco-friendly.  Pre-loved stuff (my better term for "USED") is here to stay, in my opinion.  Give it a try, you wont be disappointed.

Thank you Vicky for sharing your fabulous style with us. Yours is beyond inspiring if not, riveting. You are a true testament that mummying-in-style is indeed possible. 

Very special thanks to Anthony Co for the fabulous photography. I am humbled and grateful you accepted this little project.

'Till the next stylish mama, lovelies. Meanwhile read the prelude to this series if you missed it.


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