Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Long Weekend!

Another long weekend for us and this time, Le Misch and I are spending it at my hometown. It's her second Halloween but sadly I don't think we'll be doing some trick or treating. The little girl is under the weather- AGAIN. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she's well enough to walk down the aisle and complete her tasks as a flower girl at a good friend's wedding tonight.

Whenever we travel I prepare a special airplane loot for her. Nothing fancy. Just some toys she hasn't seen in a long time, some books, crayons, puzzles, and snacks. Everything travel size.

 The essentials- twistable crayons, coloring book, a little doll from Ginger Snaps, Teddy Grahams

 And my best find from National Bookstore along with the crayons and the coloring book, is this set of paper coins. It was a hit! She has a strange obsession with coins.

 We haven't even boarded and the loot is slowly depleting. You see, Le Misch is one kid that has to be constantly entertained. There is no idle time with her. She has to be tinkering with something, anything, at any given time. 

She is indeed her mother's daughter.

Enjoy every second of your long weekend lovelies!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fantasy Closet-- Little Sis Goes to Fashion Week

I have been a tad delinquent with my posts. Le Misch and I have landed at the hometown and to say I am exhausted is an understatement. This little energizer bunny just quite literally sucks the life out of me. So the longer afternoon naps she takes nowadays are my little luxuries. Then I get to do other things like a pop in at my fantasy closet.

Today my little sister is catching a show at the Philippine Fashion Week for Spring 2011. She needed some help with what to wear so I came up with this. (By the way, she has a penchant for owls.)

The Elements:

  1. Grace Fit Plaid Jacquard Jacket,
  2. J. Crew Striped Cotton tank,
  3. Felder Felder Printed Skater Skirt,
  4. Asos Leather Boyfriend Belt,
  5. Mulberry The Lily, 
  6. Miss Dior Cherie,
  7. Funky Owl Cuff,
  8. Kurt Gieger Pumps,

My dear little sister, it's ok to get out of your comfort zone (of jeans and sneakers) once in awhile. You will look good in these as you do in your boheme-androgynous signature style. Trust me.

Enjoy the show!

snaps from the weekend

It was a very Mischka weekend for us. The 3 days didn't seem that long as it simply flew. What, with the 3 of us hopping from 1 home depot to another along with errands up to our necks, before we knew it, the long weekend was over.

But it wasn't all work for us. Amidst our home improvement tasks, we managed to squeeze in some play and good relaxing time with our friends and her friends too, mind you.

She had a grand time looking at bathroom fixtures capped off with a fun dinner with her bud Emma.

The following day she was ecstatic to see her good friend Adrienne from Singapore. Again, it was a fun dinner with the adults enjoying their meals while the kids run around the resto nanny-less. A typical weekend dinner we used to have in SG. 

This weekend too I saw her grow so much. Not only has she gotten even more active and extremely curious, she doesn't need me anymore to operate those animal rides at the malls. The girl can drive!

And since hubby is going away for a business trip and Le Misch and I to my hometown this week, hubby and I snuck out for some alone time and some Mediterranean fix. I wanted to have a glass of my usual but since there's an alcohol ban, I tried the Greek briki instead. It's just Greek coffee and it wasn't bad. 

The short long-weekend that was. How was yours?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lusting Over All Things Filipino

I wouldn't really call myself nationalistic. I mean, we have to admit, sometimes our country is just too difficult to love.

But there are a lot to love about it, really. As recently I came to realize that all the things I've been crushing on are 100% Filipino. Aside from my Benito (which I've checked off the list, thanks to hubby), allow me to share with you the sense of pride I'm feeling because all these coveted pieces I'm lusting over are made by my fellow countrymen.

Joyce Makitalo East Caligo Valentina Necklace

I have been secretly yearning for her pieces for a long time now and when I had a chance to meet the designer herself at the Manila F.A.M.E last week, she had me at hello. And so did her collection. Not only is she insanely talented, she's extremely nice too, albeit chic and cool.

Maco Custudio Spring 2011 Dino Collection

His works are so bold and structural (and comfortable too), you wouldn't think they're local. 

I was thrilled to have finally met a Filipino cobbler and designer. This guy knows a thing or two about shoes, I tell you. But his works are not for the faint-hearted. So if you fancy a pair of big statement shoes then he's your go-to guy. He customizes for about PHP 8000 (USD 180) a pair. 

S.C. Vizcarra The Salcedo Tote

Made of jute and micro fibre, the craftsmanship of this bag is amazing. The weaving, the juxtaposition of the materials, and the size of this bag makes me drool. You can easily mistake this for a Bottega Veneta. 

Now tell me, aren't all these pieces divine? And these are just in the fashion category. The furniture pieces were heavenly. I just couldn't take photos of them at the fair. Catch the Manila F.A.M.E next year. It's way worth it.

To find Joyce Makitalo click here

For some statement shoe fix, find Maco Custodio here.

And for that coveted Salcedo tote plus more, find S.C. Vizcarra here. They're opening a retail shop this November and I can't wait!

And because of these guys, I am proud to say I'm a Filipino.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Came Early

Last Wednesday night felt like Christmas eve. Thanks to dear hubby who has been cleverly cooking a surprise up his sleeve. Well, he couldn't contain his excitement himself that he decided not to wait for Christmas anymore.

He got us this.

Jovan Benito Oil on Canvas

When all I wanted was this.

A few months back I wrote about dreaming of hanging a Benito on our walls. All I wanted was a mother and child rendition. What hubby got was a market scene with the rare ivory carabao. Of course, I couldn't be more pleased.

I was even more surprised that he was able to keep this from me for 3 months. He said he felt like now is the best time as he wanted it to bring me some inspiration for the movements and home improvements going on around the house of late. (He's been asking for a mood board  since a week or 2 ago and I haven't given him anything..)

This is our first ever serious art piece. And what we wanted for our first was something that we truly like. Something that would make us smile each time we look at it. And every morning since hanging, this Benito does just that.

Thank you M. You are most thoughtful when I least expect it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Long Weekend!

 Last night at the Padua's.
  Those are my shoes but not my idea.

While I was busy preparing for an early morning meeting the next day, someone effortlessly slipped into someone else's shoes.  

She gave us a barrel of laughs. We can't wait to spend the long weekend with her.

 The pair as worn by the rightful owner.

Cut out pumps by Subculture available at The Ramp, Glorietta. 

Happy weekend you all!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cole Vintage in Ermita

I've witness the growth of this brand and I totally admire the people behind it. One of them is a good friend and is extremely pregnant, happily anticipating the arrival of the little boy. (For some reason, I'm drawn to new mums and mums-to-be..)

I go to Cole Vintage for sandals and tunics but they don't just have that. They can literally dress you up from head-to-toe. And I'm happy to announce that Cole Vintage is now accessible in the often-ignored Manila area through Robinson's Ermita. The mall I used to frequent in college, during breaks of course.

Did I mention their sandals go for less 1000 PHP (21 USD)? For our 2.5-year stint in Singapore, I used Cole Vintage sandals and never did they disappoint me nor my (overworked) feet. 

Check out Cole Vintage at:

2/F Adriatico Wing of Robinson's Ermita


The Ramp Crossings
G/F TriNoma, QC
2/F Shangrila, Mandaluyong
2/F GLorietta 3, Makati

Fantasy Closet-- Pia Hits NYC

I'm taking vicarious pleasure out of a friend who's hitting one of the chicest cities on earth next week. Fall's knocking and here are some essentials for her to pack to welcome the season with flair the way New Yorkers so nonchalantly do. 

The elements:

For cooler days
  1. Bess Sioux Raw Edge Leather jacket,
  2. Acne Kex Low Rise Skinny Jeans,
  3. 3.1 Philip Lim Shirt,
  4. Two-Tone Flat Boots, 
  5. Primadina Tiger's Eye Ring,
  6. Matthew Williamson Graphic Printed Cashmere-blended Scarf,
For warmer days
  1. Elizabeth and James James VI Cotton Blend Blazer,
  2. 3.1 Philip Lim Puckered Rose Jacquard Top, 
  3. Flannel Tapered Trousers, 
  4. Sigerson Morrison Multi-strap Ballet Flats,  
  5. Natalie Brown Fern Shaped Neck Piece, 
  6. Lanvin Wooden Cuff,
 And the necessities
  1. Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Leather Satchel, 
  2. Aspinal Leather Umbrella,
  3. Dsquared2 Tinted Shades,
Have a fun and stylish time in NYC P!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Going Bananas

Yes, I'm going bananas. Over Prada's Spring 2011, that is. Miuccia, the designer's designer (in every sense of the word-- or phrase) once again delivered a stimulating, one-of-a-kind, who-would-have-thought-of, collection for Spring next year.

(images via

"Minimal Baroque" is how she would describe this collection. Minimal Baroque?? Since when and how did baroque get minimal? I tell you, only Miuccia Prada can get away with such a thing. And I love her for that. To the point that I would name my second daughter after her (in the event that I'm gifted with another one). I'm just not so sure I will get hubby's consent. Oh well.. for now, I'm still going bananas.

Monday, October 18, 2010

snaps from the weekend

Our weekend was typical but I wouldn't say uneventful. The highlight being the birthday party on Saturday which quite literally wore the little girl to a frazzle.

She was not the only one though. We are officially nanny-less and thus hubby and I are once again hands-on with the tot. You see, we've been taking a break from the duty since we got back in Manila but I knew it was only a matter of time. It has a been a good break but I couldn't be more content than spending minutes, hours, and days again with our girl, may it be typical, atypical, eventful, or not. Every minute spent with her is just time well-spent.

Help-less, Sia's first birthday party, and Sunday morning water coloring. The weekend that was. 

 Gymboree could just her most favorite place on earth, perhaps second to Universal Studios?

With sweet Sia, the baby of the day, and chic mummy Pat.

The adorable birthday vegan cake by Clay Cakes.

And our artful Sunday morning.

How was yours?


Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Weekend!

This is what got us out of bed this morning.

She likes to play hide and seek. (She's not very good at it though.)


This little person never fails to give us great mornings to wake up to.  Happy weekend lovelies!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carefree Thursday

 Wishing you a carefree Thursday just like how Carla Bruni is in this picture.

 (taken from Elle U.S. Oct 2010 via the Ipad)

Whenever I feel disgruntled or anything of that negative sort, I have a bunch of images I look at that instantly give me a sense of serenity. This Carla Bruni pic taken by Giles Bensimon in 2001 is one of them.

Doesn't this pic just make you sigh and smile at the same time?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fantasy Closet-- Cara's Work Wear

It's Wednesday once again and today I'm lending off my fantasy closet to my friend, Cara who's in the mood for sprucing up her work wardrobe which, by the way, is just fitting as she has taken on a new job.  New job, new wardrobe? Not necessarily. All she needs is a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and all these work wear staples.

 The Elements:
  1. Narciso Rodriguez Wool Shift Dress,
  2. Jill Stuart Cardi,
  3. Leather Platform Pumps,
  4. Monica Vinader Stacking Rings,
  5. Fendi Peek-a-boo in Haircalf,
  6. Nixon 42-20 Chrono,


The elements:
  1.  Stella McCartney Satin Twill Blouse, 
  2.  Stella McCartney Tan Skirt,
  3. YSL Muse Large in Black,
  4. Lanvin Leopard Print Flats,
  5. Oscar de la Renta Topaz and Crystal Embellished Silk Cord,
  6. Burberry Twist Fastening Leather Belt,

The Elements:

  1. YSL Black Trousers,
  2. Gucci Vintage Web Tote Bag,
  3. Fendi Cut Out Pumps,
  4. Lionette Naya Freshwater Pearl Necklace,
  5. Elizabeth and James Silk Charmeuse Kimono Blouse,
  6. J. Crew Striped Cotton Tank,


The Elements:

  1. Paul & Joe Chardon Tuxedo Jacket,
  2. Current/Elliot The Roller Low Rise Cropped Jeans,
  3. Prada Medium Cervo Shine Tote,
  4. Adam Embellished Silk-crepe Tank,
  5. Michael Kors Black Suede Ballerina Flats,
  6. Black Onyx Gold Plated Cuff,

Though the dress code is casual yet appropriate in mummy Cara's new workplace, fantasy closet claims it's no excuse to be sloppy. With these essentials along with the coveted extras (shoes and bags!), she can look fabulous every day of the work week from the boardroom to casual Fridays even to after-work cocktails.

Have a stylish Wednesday mummies!

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    snaps from the weekend

    Wining, dining, and reminiscing our (Italian) Lionels, (French) Nicolais and fond Luxasia days on a Friday night. A date day Saturday with the little girl and a blessed, wonderful baptism on Sunday.

    The weekend that was.

    How was yours?

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    The Vintage Country

    I am in constant search for beautiful things even in the most unlikely places. And whenever I come across a pretty discovery, no matter how random it may be, happy as a clam it will make me.

    Just recently Le Misch and I stumbled upon The Vintage Country. A shabby-chic, French country vintage-inspired retail shop with a plethora of pretty offerings.

     The yellow and blue bird cage we got for my Mum and she absolutely loved it! Oh and for PHP 550 (USD 12.50) it's a steal!!! They only have 5 pieces of the bird houses and the only one left that time was the equally charming red and blue one.

    They will soon offer etiquette workshops for little ladies. Too bad Le Misch is under aged for it.  I heard about tea parties too. I am so loving the concept.

    We are going back for that life sized (Mischka's size) Matryoshka doll. I am still in the process of fixing up a room for the little one and that Russian doll would be a nice finishing touch. Uhhmm, you see, I am obsessed with these dolls ever since a trip to Russia 3 years ago, when I brought home right about 10 nesting dolls (or was it 12?) Did I mention, the life sized doll is only PHP 450 (USD 10)? Again-- a steal!!!

    A lot of chic painted wrought iron furni and lovely breakable knick-knacks. It's hard to leave this place without buying anything. That is if you happen to have a penchant for vintage-inspired, unique pieces. 

    Here are some of the things you'll find at this charming shop.

    Vintage Circa 1970's Hanging Chair, PHP 13000 (USD 295)

    Teal High Back Chair, PHP 8000 (USD 180)

    Vintage Fabric Bulletin Cork Boards, price unavailable

    Lucy Vintage-inspired Luggage, price unavailable

    Vintage-inspired Necklace, PHP 300 (USD 6)

    Now isn't this place worth a trip down south? 

    Casa Susana Building
    Beside Alabang Town Center 
    Madrigal Avenue, Ayala Alabang Muntinlupa