Monday, October 25, 2010

Christmas Came Early

Last Wednesday night felt like Christmas eve. Thanks to dear hubby who has been cleverly cooking a surprise up his sleeve. Well, he couldn't contain his excitement himself that he decided not to wait for Christmas anymore.

He got us this.

Jovan Benito Oil on Canvas

When all I wanted was this.

A few months back I wrote about dreaming of hanging a Benito on our walls. All I wanted was a mother and child rendition. What hubby got was a market scene with the rare ivory carabao. Of course, I couldn't be more pleased.

I was even more surprised that he was able to keep this from me for 3 months. He said he felt like now is the best time as he wanted it to bring me some inspiration for the movements and home improvements going on around the house of late. (He's been asking for a mood board  since a week or 2 ago and I haven't given him anything..)

This is our first ever serious art piece. And what we wanted for our first was something that we truly like. Something that would make us smile each time we look at it. And every morning since hanging, this Benito does just that.

Thank you M. You are most thoughtful when I least expect it.


  1. Mikk!!! Congrats:-) You finally got it. I hope Mitch got it for a good price-- I could have helped you know:-)
    I'm happy. You are now officially a collector (like me:-) hahhahha..
    Ill be in Manila next week-- coffee like old times?? I'm there for work(art !) let me know if you need help with anything---

  2. Hi MI! Thanks! Yes I think it was a good deal. I'd love to see you. When exactly are you arriving? Misch and I are leaving for Bacolod tom. Back next week.