Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lusting Over All Things Filipino

I wouldn't really call myself nationalistic. I mean, we have to admit, sometimes our country is just too difficult to love.

But there are a lot to love about it, really. As recently I came to realize that all the things I've been crushing on are 100% Filipino. Aside from my Benito (which I've checked off the list, thanks to hubby), allow me to share with you the sense of pride I'm feeling because all these coveted pieces I'm lusting over are made by my fellow countrymen.

Joyce Makitalo East Caligo Valentina Necklace

I have been secretly yearning for her pieces for a long time now and when I had a chance to meet the designer herself at the Manila F.A.M.E last week, she had me at hello. And so did her collection. Not only is she insanely talented, she's extremely nice too, albeit chic and cool.

Maco Custudio Spring 2011 Dino Collection

His works are so bold and structural (and comfortable too), you wouldn't think they're local. 

I was thrilled to have finally met a Filipino cobbler and designer. This guy knows a thing or two about shoes, I tell you. But his works are not for the faint-hearted. So if you fancy a pair of big statement shoes then he's your go-to guy. He customizes for about PHP 8000 (USD 180) a pair. 

S.C. Vizcarra The Salcedo Tote

Made of jute and micro fibre, the craftsmanship of this bag is amazing. The weaving, the juxtaposition of the materials, and the size of this bag makes me drool. You can easily mistake this for a Bottega Veneta. 

Now tell me, aren't all these pieces divine? And these are just in the fashion category. The furniture pieces were heavenly. I just couldn't take photos of them at the fair. Catch the Manila F.A.M.E next year. It's way worth it.

To find Joyce Makitalo click here

For some statement shoe fix, find Maco Custodio here.

And for that coveted Salcedo tote plus more, find S.C. Vizcarra here. They're opening a retail shop this November and I can't wait!

And because of these guys, I am proud to say I'm a Filipino.

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  1. I know this is an old post but I just read it and I both relate and agree with most everything written here! You got me at "I wouldn't really call myself nationalistic." Haha.

    Those designs are divine, I drool over accessories by Makitalo too. ¡Viva el diseño Filipino!