Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Resort 2011 Already?!!

I am barely even done with my Holiday collection for FHL (Faith Hope Love) and major fashion houses have showed Resort 2011 already! Phew! Fashion dear, it can be hard to keep up with you especially when you get caught up with things like having a baby and running a household.

But I will persist. Thanks to, I can still manage to be on top of what's happening out there.

Here are my top picks from Resort 2011.

Crisp looks from fashion's new darling Alexander Wang

Hard to pull this off in Sillypore though. (Especially when you have a pram to push around.)

Avantgarde + Feminine at Roksanda Ilincic

I can imagine my hubby's perplexed face when he sees me in this. He has a hard time getting it sometimes.

Nice to wear to a wedding. That is if the bride doesn't mind a guest in white.

Understated Chic at Celine

Hubby will possibly roll his eyes again at this.. or maybe not.

Inspirations for FHL.

I was ecstatic when I learned Phobe Philo is back and has joined Celine 2 seasons ago. Such a breath of fresh air from all the excess of the grunge and rock chick looks of not so long ago. Looking forward to more of her in the coming seasons!

Now back to mummy duties. Gotta give Le Misch a nice warm bath. Something I look forward to every single day.

A Trip to the Imaginary Storyland

Singapore's National Museum has interesting installations targeted to kids as part of this year's Arts Festival. They commissioned artist Tay Bee Aye to come up with a place where kids can use their imagination to mix and match pieces of soft sculptures and create their own visual landscapes.

The Imaginary Storyland

Le Misch busy with her creation

Enjoying every moment of it

She likes all things that function as bags, like this basket

Older kids enjoy the costumes

We went with the boys (our yoga mates) who were more content with the blocks and Jason, with a DS!

It's things like these that I always look out for. Art-infused, kid-friendly, and best of all-- it's free!!!

Meet Mischka

I have been yearning to do this for a long time now. I am no social media expert, but living away from home just makes you a lot more resourceful. Facebook though has gotten a little too crowded and tweeting is just not my thing (I will get into that-someday soon) hence the birth of this little bubble of mine in cyberspace.

Meet Mischka. At 16 months, she is a handful (although, a lot say she is well-behaved for her age) and a feisty toddler whose favorite phrase nowadays come in three two-letter words -- NO, NO, NO!!! Everything is a no, even if she means a yes.

I'm trying to get a good shot of her here for a Baby Chic mag photo entry. I'm not so satisfied with the shots I took as she just won't keep still! Sigh, maybe we'll try again for the next issue.