Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Trip to the Imaginary Storyland

Singapore's National Museum has interesting installations targeted to kids as part of this year's Arts Festival. They commissioned artist Tay Bee Aye to come up with a place where kids can use their imagination to mix and match pieces of soft sculptures and create their own visual landscapes.

The Imaginary Storyland

Le Misch busy with her creation

Enjoying every moment of it

She likes all things that function as bags, like this basket

Older kids enjoy the costumes

We went with the boys (our yoga mates) who were more content with the blocks and Jason, with a DS!

It's things like these that I always look out for. Art-infused, kid-friendly, and best of all-- it's free!!!

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  1. wow that place is awesome :-) mischka is so adorable!!