Monday, April 30, 2012

Madewell Style Spinner

Have you seen Madewell's style spinner? It's amusing, couldn't help but to share here. I just love innovative ideas likes these. Spin it and you get a Spring outfit you can shop in a click of a button or just simply use as an inspiration. No more lame excuses not to look your Spring best this season. Try the style spinner! 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mischmash Travels {Agnès B Cafe, Taiwan}

The Mr. and I took a brief sojourn to Taipei a few weeks ago. Sans Le Misch this time around but with some friends, one of which a local. Hence, we got to know the city more and actually had time to just while away. One of the things I noticed this trip was the city's love affair with anything French. A bunch of interesting shops peppered around the malls carry French merchandise. A lot of times I asked where the item I like is from, most often than not, the answer is one and the same-- France. 

So if there is one place in Asia where French designer Agnès B commands strong retail presence, its in Taipei. Not only are there retail shops of it in major malls, they also have cafes! And this I had to try.
The sandwiches were great and the coffee ain't bad too. I had a fancy cuppa with ginger from the mountains  of Taiwan, as the barista claimed, and sweetener from Paris. It was, needless to say, quite interesting.
And of course, a bevy of specialized chocolates and pralines for some saccharine fix to take away is not a bad idea, is it? 

Agnès B Cafe may be a fancy schmancy place to grab a cup of joe but it's pricing is comparable to typical Starbucks. Something I wasn't expecting for a signature French gourmet serving. 

There are Agnès B Cafes around Hongkong mostly grab-and-go's but should you find yourself in Taipei, there's one in Taipei 101 and another in Eslite in the Xin Yi district.    

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First Ever Cover

A couple of months back I had the privilege of styling my first ever cover and my style subjects were Lea Salonga and her daughter, Nicole, no less. It was nerve wracking, exciting, and fulfilling all at the same time. April is one of the most awaited issues as its all about summer and I just couldn't pass up on such an opportunity. Plus of course, I get to meet a super star. 
L- On Lea: Gingersnaps tunic. On Nicole: The Ramp Kids dress. R-On Lea: Gingersnaps dress, The Ramp necklace, Substance wedges. On Nicole: The Ramp Kids blouse, Gingersnaps shorts.
On Nicole: Gingersnaps dress. On Lea: K & Co. dress, The Ramp necklace.

Lea is such a doll. She was so sweet and no complaint of any sort was heard from her. I was already a fan but even more so after the shoot. Mischka on the other hand found a friend in Nicole and was just so fond of her. It was altogether a lovely working Sunday afternoon which didn't feel like work at all. 
Grab a copy of the April issue if you haven't already!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fantasy Closet {Ripped Jeans}

We see this pair aplenty. Usually on uber stylish women flooding our favorite street style online go-tos. On the contrary, I hardly see ripped and tattered pairs sold at retail stores. Hence my arrival at the conclusion that these women are not only stylish, they're most likely DIY mavens themselves. So should you want to try your hand at ripping and distressing a pair of denims, just google it. Hundreds of searches turned up when I did so myself. You may need a lot of guts and patience more than just a YouTube tutorial though.

Such trend is not exactly groundbreaking. In fact, it has been around for awhile now. I just like how Glitter Guide put together looks of ripped denims in a way that is fashion forward yet refined. From here, I drew up an obvious equation of ripped jeans and pointy pumps being a perfect match, a yin to its yang. They balance each other out, that no matter what you throw in with them, just works. 

In my fantasy closet, here's how I would dreamily tackle this trendy + classic duo.
Huaraki Haydon Jeans/ Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps/ Dries Van Noten Button-Down/ Burberry Prorsum Clutch/ Reed Krakoff Sweater/ Belle Noel Necklace/ Marni Tote

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Work Wear Diaries

Sharing a glimpse of the work wear situation lately. Since blogging now is a luxury for me, I can no longer do ensemble dissection posts as much as I want to. Our office dictates no dress code, thank goodness, but looking respectable without ever compromising style is imperative for me. I didn't go crazy shopping for a whole new wardrobe, instead I put some work appropriateness to a runaround momma's existing closet. 

My mixology skills are challenged every morning but I sure am having fun! What do you wear to work mommas? I hope you find joy in mixing and matching too! Life is too short to be bored by a corporate skirt suit everyday. Throw in a little something unexpected like a statement ring or necklace or an eye popping bag and feel empowered even in the most trivial of things. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zalora Zhopping

One lovely evening, I surprised Le Misch with a package from ZALORA. This ultimate online fashion destination sure knows how to tickle mummies' fancies as it is filled to the brim with good finds (for babies and mums alike-- and dads too!) with a selection that seems to be growing by the minute! You have to constantly check the site to keep abreast of the new brands added and just recently it was Munchkin! 
I'm a Munchkin fan but as you may already now, I'm not so big on cartoon characters. This one however is so well-made and as expected was a major hit to the little miss. Now her wide selection of Ikea cutlery has been put to rest to give way to this spanking new Dora spoon and fork duo.
I don't come bearing gifts for the little girl every night, mind you. ZALORA though, proved to be so convenient. With just a few clicks of the mouse, I purchased this along with a set of replacement straws for her water jugs and they came in a nice packaging. You know, the kind you like to keep for "future use."

Now while we're at it, allow us to indulge in some pieces were eyeing over at ZALORA and these are just for her. My picks definitely call for a post of its own. 
Cienta Ruffled Espadrilles/ Googoo & Gaga Electroshades Shirt/ Munchkin Drying Rack/ Platypus Singlet Kini/ Fletcher Shirt

All these and more under one virtual roof with a kind of service on a global level and with nationwide shipping for FREE! Yes folks, shipping is absolutely free! And as if that ain't enough, there's a Php 250 voucher up for grabs just by signing up! ZALORA indeed is crafting the best online shopping experience and when you do get hooked, don't say I didn't warn you.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend Tidbits

For the Easter weekend, instead of visiting my hometown for some uninterrupted quality time with my fambam, we met down south in a sleepy university town called Dumaguete. My folks and siblings drove for five hours while we flew for one. 

We stayed in a resort about three towns away from the city and just practically swam, ate, and slept. We were in serious vacation mode with some snorkeling and cruising thrown in. And with Le Misch being such a big fan of water, she was naturally in her element, swimming for hours on end.

On our third day we decided to put a little twist to our long planned vacay by moving to the city for a night. We chanced upon this quaint, Mediterranean-inspired resort, Floretina Homes, and were instantly charmed by its interiors. If you ever find yourself in Dumaguete, I highly recommend this place. 

How was your Easter weekend? Here's to hoping it involved family, some rest, and reflection. Tomorrow, we are back to the grind, refreshed and rejuvenated, knowing we have a lot to be thankful for.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Different Travel Guide

Travel is easily one of our most favorite topics around here and travel related trappings is a weakness we don't want to overcome.  We like collecting travel books and guides of places we've been to and those that are still on our list. Hence my fascination with this different kind of travel guide. 
A stimulating paper bound project that is not specific to any place but is rather "situated somewhere in the middle," says Stockholm designer Magda Lipka Falck. She describes it as  "a travel guide that will hopefully lead you to places you have never seen before—though you may visit them every day. A place you have forgotten, a place you have never searched for or a place that does not exist."
What I love most in the guide is this set of small cards that you can use whenever, wherever you may be as long as your object is to get to know the place and experience it like a local. 
60 cards that can change your views on places both old and new to you and is such a refreshing take on travel guides. This is definitely something worth trying on our next destination. I just don't know what the impact of travelling with a toddler would be. We shall see.  

Anywhere Travel Guide is available via The Occasional Traveller

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Tidbits

Our weekend was filled to the brim as usual but not a lot of snaps were taken. The reason being, we are all under the weather and no one is spared. And as many of you can relate, nothing is more stressful than caring for an unwell child. What we got here, however, is a tough cookie and is always happy to see her favorite doctor. 

While we are all recuperating from a nasty cough, here's a snapshot of her hand-picked ensemble featuring a floral kimono which makes for a fun layering piece. I can't just make kimonos for myself and not for her too, right?

Carioca Mini coming out soon.