Friday, August 24, 2012

Kirna Zabete x Target

"The dream is to have the perfect outfit that can 
take us through the daily schizophrenia of being 
working mothers. Something above the 
ordinary that can go the distance from runway 
show to soccer field sidelines. We designed the 
entire Kirna ZabĂȘte at Target collection to mix 
and match together. You can get an entire 
wardrobe of downtown cool. There are only 
good combinations. It's a mini lesson in print 
mixing. A lesson in MORE is MORE and accessory 
madness. Wear a hat! Add a floral print trench 
coat! Take a tiny risk! S T R E T C H." - KIRNA ZABETE

When I first came across this I gave out a small shriek that merited a stare from the hubby. I think the duo couldn't have said it any better. I look up to these women who validate the voice of this blog (without them knowing it). And I highly appreciate products, concepts that are geared towards multifaceted mothers. They may just be talking about clothes, but they sure make motherhood all the more fun!

Another collab to look forward to-- in exactly 15 days and 6 hours! Lucky you, stateside moms. Please share your hauls!

Reset + Reboot

Been awfully quiet around here as I've been away for work and a short sojourn after that. Above are tidbits of what has been a great vacay meant for resetting and rebooting for me and the Mr. 

Now we're back to reality although slightly fearful of opening our emails-- we couldn't be more glad to be home and spend the long weekend with no one else but Mischka.

Have a great one, y'all!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

JCrew Fall {Work Wear Inspiration}

Pencil skirts + sweaters make for a fail safe day-to-night pairing. A personal fave of late.
Cropped pants, printed or otherwise, just work best with pointy flats.
A study on textured layering  that's worth emulating. 

Oh JCrew, my JCrew. You sure do know how to get us all excited for Fall. Such season may deem irrelevant at our side of the world but with these looks, you can get us giddy nonetheless.

Calling out all working mothers-- whatever your industry, corporate of creative, try pulling a little JCrew, its rather refreshing. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toddler Travel 101 {Tip 3 of 101}

At the rate I'm going, Mischka would probably be in big school by the time I finish this series.  She will no longer be a toddler, that's for sure! Oh well. I'm just grateful I still find time to update this blog. No matter how little time it may be. 
Moving on to tip no. 3. We talked about what to pack, here and what not to ever forget, here. The act of packing though is just as important as what to pack. And the role is not just made for us, mothers! Breaking news, right?! Involve your little one in the process and give him/her a bag of her own where she can pack her own  personal things. They're usually toys, snacks, and whatnots of their choice. Make them understand that no one else is responsible for this bag but themselves. 

From our trip back from the US months ago, I was firm in telling Mischka that if she decides to bring her trunki, she has to take care of it, and that I won't be able to carry it as I won't have spare hands with everything that we had to lug! It was just us two travelling back. 

I gave her a choice and she chose to pack her trunki and lug it herself while travelling. What's amazing is the sense of responsibility children learn from just a simple task. We we're a funny sight, am sure. Misch though was quite charming she managed to get two kind grown men help her with her trunki! Hah! 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Multi-tasking Dresses for Multi-tasking Women

Aren't we always on the lookout for pieces that would give us the most value for money? Numbers we take the most style mileage of are not exactly that easy to find. There are of course those that cost a dent on our pockets which I kinda like to avoid. Hence my excitement when my good friend Roselle, decided to further her design career by creating pieces that have several ways around it. Introducing CoCoChicka-- a line of unique pieces that are refined, chic, and highly versatile. It's core line includes convertible (multiway) frocks that you can wear from sun up to sun down-- multi-tasking dresses that every smart girl should have in her closet.

What follows are ways to wear the Maida dress and where to take it to. I personally think the Maida has the most uses for a working mother like me. 
I will..
and top it off with a jacket in eye-popping cobalt blue. Burgundy hued accessories seem to be a good fit to play down the starkness of the jacket. Of course, it's never complete without a dose of baubles. 

I will...
for a more laid-back look with a pair of fun wedges taking this otherwise somber colored frock to new heights. A white tote is always a nice way to signal the weekend in. 

I will...
with exotic skinned pointy flats. Add minimal and understated accessories to complete the look.

I will...
by taking the dress up a notch with bejeweled pumps, a pretty clutch, and gold jewels.

Who doesn't adore a frock you can take from work to weekends, even to a wedding? These are not all, mind you. There are 2 other ways you can rock this frock but with four alone, I am nothing short of impressed. 

CoCoChicka has as lot of other dresses in various colors. Best to pick one that truly suits your lifestyle. Each dress costs P1998, divide that by the number of ways you can use it-- that's only P333 a dress! Not bad, huh?

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