Thursday, August 9, 2012

Toddler Travel 101 {Tip 3 of 101}

At the rate I'm going, Mischka would probably be in big school by the time I finish this series.  She will no longer be a toddler, that's for sure! Oh well. I'm just grateful I still find time to update this blog. No matter how little time it may be. 
Moving on to tip no. 3. We talked about what to pack, here and what not to ever forget, here. The act of packing though is just as important as what to pack. And the role is not just made for us, mothers! Breaking news, right?! Involve your little one in the process and give him/her a bag of her own where she can pack her own  personal things. They're usually toys, snacks, and whatnots of their choice. Make them understand that no one else is responsible for this bag but themselves. 

From our trip back from the US months ago, I was firm in telling Mischka that if she decides to bring her trunki, she has to take care of it, and that I won't be able to carry it as I won't have spare hands with everything that we had to lug! It was just us two travelling back. 

I gave her a choice and she chose to pack her trunki and lug it herself while travelling. What's amazing is the sense of responsibility children learn from just a simple task. We we're a funny sight, am sure. Misch though was quite charming she managed to get two kind grown men help her with her trunki! Hah! 

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