Friday, August 24, 2012

Kirna Zabete x Target

"The dream is to have the perfect outfit that can 
take us through the daily schizophrenia of being 
working mothers. Something above the 
ordinary that can go the distance from runway 
show to soccer field sidelines. We designed the 
entire Kirna Zabête at Target collection to mix 
and match together. You can get an entire 
wardrobe of downtown cool. There are only 
good combinations. It's a mini lesson in print 
mixing. A lesson in MORE is MORE and accessory 
madness. Wear a hat! Add a floral print trench 
coat! Take a tiny risk! S T R E T C H." - KIRNA ZABETE

When I first came across this I gave out a small shriek that merited a stare from the hubby. I think the duo couldn't have said it any better. I look up to these women who validate the voice of this blog (without them knowing it). And I highly appreciate products, concepts that are geared towards multifaceted mothers. They may just be talking about clothes, but they sure make motherhood all the more fun!

Another collab to look forward to-- in exactly 15 days and 6 hours! Lucky you, stateside moms. Please share your hauls!

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  1. hail to fashionable moms! great blog, posts are inspiring! followed you! xoxo