Sunday, September 2, 2012

Creative Work Space

I've been yearning for a place not just for myself but for Mischka too. A place where we can let loose and create beautiful things, trivial or otherwise. Currently lobbying with the Mr. to give us an area for this purpose. While discussion is still ongoing, I have started putting together an inspiration board for our future creative work space (fingers crossed).
Retro-inspired wooden chairs lend a certain charm to modern interiors.
Buntings and tin cans for decorating and organizing are playful and cost effective.
An area rug pulls the look together and vintage suitcases no longer need to be stored in the attic. 
Inspiration board idea.
Another inspiration board idea.
Best to label trash bins accordingly.
Of course, Mischka gets a corner all to herself.

All images via Pinterest.

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