Thursday, June 30, 2011

dissection of an ensemble

Last Friday when it was pouring so hard in the metro, I practically dragged myself out of the house to attend Greenbelt 5's Fashion Overload. I wanted to support my good friend who was one of the designers participating in the event. I'm glad I showed up as it was fun and champagne along with some other fancy cocktails were overflowing! Too bad I had to drive myself home. 

So here's what I wore. Liking my cobalt maxi? You can order from Sarah of Fashion Eggplant. She sews them herself! And has them in an array of colors too tempting, you would want to order one of each! Don't say I didn't warn you! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fantasy Closet {Jumpsuit Joy}

When motherhood happens, you tend to reconsider your daily sartorial takes and comfort becomes main priority. But who says comfort should come before style? I'm not talking about sweat pants and Crocs here. Non, non, non! As Ines de la Fressange would say in her style guide. Haha! 

Style is eminent with every Mischmash mummy. And she knows a jumpsuit is her best friend for days when time is not on her side. Its comfortable, easy to dress up or down and in it she is nowhere near sloppy.

The Elements:
  1. H&M Jumpsuit
  2. Santoni Wedges
  3. Emilio Pucci Brass Snake Bracelet
  4. Topshop Green Sparkle Ring
  5. Celine Luggage Tote
  6. H&M Stripe Scarf
Have a stylish Wednesday ladies.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY Manila Manila! Birthday and Send-Off Party

Remember the DIY party for hubby's 35th featured here? Well, last Saturday, together with my accomplices Pen and Vicky, we put together another DIY small fete to celebrate a French guy's birthday and his 5 full years in Manila. And oui! Another fun and meaningful party!

Occasion: Sebastian's birthday and send-off
Theme: Manila Manila!
Location: Maje Residence
Food: Filipino by Chef Laudico
Noteworthy details: Cities and islands Seb has visited in the Philippes, his favorite Filipino food, and basically Seb's favorite all-things-Filipino

The invitation.
The buntings spelled out "Maligayang Kaarawan" and "Maligayang Paglalakbay" (Happy birthday and bon voyage!) We wanted everything to be awesomely Filipino. Most of the guests were foreigners but most of them can very well understand, some even speak the language. 
The tablescape. Elements include placemats featuring the different places Seb has visited in the Phillipines; bamboo sticks; sampaguita flowers; and Manila beer "tanzan" covers holding the place cards.
The food prepared by Chef Laudico (another one of Seb's fave) and cupcakes with jeepneys and flags of the Philippines and France.
Guests enjoyed the jeepney mural. 
The celebrant and the hostess with the mostest. 

It was a moving moment especially when Seb arrived as he had no idea what was in stored for him. Your Accomplice is once again beyond pleased with the outcome and we are all happy to be part of this special celebration. 

Cheers to Seb! You will be sorely missed. 

So there you go guys. Your Accomplice is officially open for business. We specialize in small-scale themed parties that are unique and pretty in a DIY way. Call upon your accomplices for chic and fabulous fetes sans the 'hotel-ballroom-party-planner-run-of-mill-concept' budget. We are not party planners, we are Your Accomplice in style (on-a-budget) if I may add. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

beautiful random things

I have a slight obsession with scarves. Someday I will paint one big wall in one color and mount several framed scarves. Meanwhile I have to sift through my growing collection and see if I can put together pieces in the same color scheme. 

I knew scarves are the most versatile article of clothing. They're not just for our necks and heads, it can dress up a wall too!

(image via everything fabulous)

Weekend Tidbits

Okay, so we had a full weekend. Friday, rain was still pouring hard but I managed to make it to Greenbelt 5's Fashion Overload event which I'll share with you in a separate post. Early parts of Saturday were still wet hence the boots are still in heavy rotation. We also had another successful DIY party setup which merits its own post, of course. And then there's that dinner at Chef's Table, a good few hours spent at Tabacalera lounge, and a few good minutes at Fete de la Musique. We're all getting old. We can't do long night outs anymore. 

And in case you're wondering, that's my friend Pat's insane shoes at dinner and at the Tabacalera lounge.   Figure the switch to Fitflops at Fete de la Musique? Told ya, we're getting old! Oh and I thought I'd share what I wore too. Just please excuse the horrible pictures. 

The weekend that was. Hope yours was fabulous too. 

Alexander McQueen Resort 2012

2 words: Wearable show-stoppers. Yes, I'm loving Sarah Burton more and more each day.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fantasy Interiors {If Mischmash was a..}

If Mischmash was a bedroom...
If Mischmash was a children's bedroom...
If Mischmash was a balcony with a view...
If Mischmash has three more girls...
If Mischmash were throw pillows.. If Mischmash was a living room..
 If Mischmash were curtains...

If Mischmash was anything, it would be aqua and orange. Over a year of blogging, I've come to terms with my colors and that in spite of the constant change of seasons' hottest hues, I will stay true to my aqua and orange, a match made in heaven. 

Enjoy your Friday, lovelies.

(Images from here and here.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

AML meets MFO!

We didn't get to do much during our brief Singapore sojourn aside from whiling away in Orchard. But we did manage to meet with Christine of Manila Fashion Observer and her darling Berry over good coffee at Jones The Grocer.
This is how we ladies have coffee now. With toys, wipes, and whatnots all over the place. I don't even see the coffee!
Tin and I go way back our "younger" days when we both were still working. We met when I was still a buyer and she, a banker--not sure! Years later we both got married, diaspora-ed, and have children. I was bummed to know that they we're moving in to Singapore just as we were moving out! 
The girls could not get enough of each other! Thanks for meeting up with us Tin and Berry. 'Til next time!  

Fantasy Closet {Kimono Dressing}

Been craving for a kimono ala Winter Kate for awhile now. I like the effortless, nonchalant feel it has to it. And I'm thinking this whole ensemble will take me from meetings to errands to school pick-ups, even to casual cocktails in a breeze. 

The Elements:
  1. Winter Kate Red Roque Kimono
  2. Textile Elizabeth and James Jimi Low-Rise Jeans
  3. Theory Terabi Drape Top
  4. Mulberry Bayswater Textured Leather Bag
  5. Hermes Carina Ballerina Flats
  6. YSL Enamel Lapis Ring
Pardon the inconsistencies around here lately. I've been playing catch up with a lot of posts. My time management skills need some polishing yet again. They're getting a little rusty. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chloe Resort 2012

Resort excites me so pardon the barrage of Resort-related posts here in the next few weeks. In my dire need to cling on to summer in our corner of the world, I look upon Resort 2012 collections that have quickly been rolling in. Today, it's Chloe. Love the out-of-runway presentation, the pleats (still) and that layered look with double rolled-up sleeves.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mischmash Recommends {Jockey Sleep & Lounge + Jockey Shapewear}

I know, I know Jockey is synonymous to men's briefs.. But hey Jockey has gone a long way from just men's briefs offerings. It has been my go-to for comfortable cotton underwear and I am pleased to know that they are constantly evolving with one promise to keep- satisfying the human need for comfort.

Just recently Jockey launched Sleep & Lounge Summer Rhapsody collection.
Solid White V Neck Shirt with matching Stripe Capri Pants. Perfect for days when you just want to lounge around the house and still look decent.
Sleep Shirt, Ruffle Cami and Ruffle Shorts. As much as we want to wear lingerie to bed, we gotta admit we hardly do, as its just not as comfortable as our husbands' ratty old oversized t-shirts. This one's a good compromise.

The Sleep & Lounge Collection also has pieces for yoga enthusiasts. The whole collection is made of 100% cotton. 

Now we move on to Jockey's best kept secret: The Jockey Women's Shapewear. It boasts of the "Jockey No Panty Line Promise" which I absolutely love as I absolutely abhor panty lines! Not only is the collection comfortable, it's slimming, and best of all, cost-effective too.
The Slip and Reversible V-neck Shapers. Both sleek, versatile, and comfortably slimming smoothing natural curves. Every woman needs at least one of these in her closet. 
The High Waist and High Waist to Mid Thigh Briefs. Supports and shapes with the feel of hosiery and the slimming result of shapewear. The high waist features a non-rolling waistband for targeted mid-section control while flattering natural curves in the process.

Thanks to Jockey, we can now have invisible support through high quality shapewear without having to break the bank. 

Jockey Shapewear and Sleep & Lounge collections are available in all Jockey boutiques and leading department stores nationwide. For branches and more info, click here.  

Weekend Tidbits

Cappuccino, Panama, Ikat, and Ines de la Fressange on a rainy Sunday morning.
Scored some good finds at a flea market, also on a rainy Sunday morning.
A sporty 1st birthday bash and a break-in of the polka-dotted rubber boots.

It was a Father's Day weekend and it came with an extra day free of work, which now feels like a little too short. It rained most days hence we didn't really get to do much outdoors. 

Ines de la Fressange is my constant companion nowadays. You know, despite the not-so-good reviews online, it's actually a fun read. J' adore! Merci, National Bookstore

There was also some breaking-in that happened. Such as those boots which she insisted on wearing and the Ikat scarf which I've been wanting to bring out so it can see the light of day, or lack thereof. 

All in all it was a fun weekend well-spent with our most favorite guy in the world. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Yesterday was frantic as I was rushing to get my daughter to her first day in school on time. It was a Friday and I was a fool not to anticipate the traffic. But wait, school??! How did that happen?! Last I checked she was just doing baby signs and now that she can very much carry a conversation, she goes to SCHOOL??!!

It was a bittersweet moment for me and hubby. If only we could keep her much longer as a baby, we would.


Have a great long weekend, lovelies.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Stella McCartney Resort 2012

I'm a sucker for backyard parties and I love all things Stella McCartney. Needless to say, I got all excited when Stella presented her Resort 2012 collection in a low key garden party at Greenwich Village, New York. The models partied, played croquet, pingpong and whacked a piñata too! How cute is that? Oh and the collection. No words. I'm just relieved stripes and prints are still going strong. I'm not ready to let go of mine. (images via zimbio)