Thursday, June 9, 2011

Diane Kruger and Panama Hats

What it is with Diane Kruger and panama hats?

(images from here, here, and here.)
Whatever it is I absolutely love it! And her penchant for panama hats seem to be rubbing on us.
Goofing around at our hotel room yesterday with our newly scored panama hats.

Today is Zoo day but it's so gloomy outside. I'm thinking of Plan B as I write. And with Orchard Road as an address for a few days, back-up plan can easily fall to shopping. Oooops. We'll keep you all posted. Meanwhile, our first ever giveaway is still open. Check it out here.


  1. OMG--I've got to get one. Number one on my summer shopping list!

  2. nice hat she has there
    your new follower xx

    check out my new post dear

  3. your baby looks mighty pleased with her hat :)

  4. Love this look actually...and love it on you!

  5. I think the your little angel likes her hat! :)

  6. that last photo is so great! x

  7. So cute! :) I never get to wear hats, they just really don't suit me! But I love it. I love having a daughter, it's fun to play dress-up and get all dolled-up. Then the little boy storms in and "messes" it up, then that ends in a wrestling match hehe.