Friday, June 17, 2011

Guest Blogger Series {Trixie of Memoir of a Missus}

Hi, I’m Trixie! I am a full-time educator/caregiver/driver/personal chef to my 2yo son, Mateo, whom we all fondly call “Bud”. I also work full-time as the ”General Manager” of Casa Ancheta.

Before coming to the US almost 2 years ago, I was really intimidated by the thought of raising a child and running a household without any family or help around. It’s a juggling act but I am loving every minute especially since I am with my two favorite people in the world. Allow me to share with you how I manage.
Bud wakes up very early and so I ease into the morning with lots of hugs, kisses and books. We cuddle up and read a stack of books before heading down for breakfast. It’s the perfect pick-me-upper especially since I only get 6 hours of shut eye at night.
I found ready-to-drink Tazo Decaf Chai Latte in the supermarket. It’s a guilt-free indulgence morning, noon and night. A little luxury I treat myself to everyday.
I make sure Bud follows a consistent sleep and eating schedule so I plan our activities and my to-dos around it. Having a happy well-rested toddler in tow is my secret to running errands at a relaxed pace.
It’s so easy to make excuses for not being physically active when you’re trying to run a household and care for a child all by yourself. But I’ve promised myself that I would make time to exercise as an investment for the future. Surprisingly, even if I am sleep deprived, the endorphin rush I get from running recharges me so I am always on full-battery mode.
Wearing chic and comfortable flats make me feel girly while running after my 2 year old in the playground.
My daily dose of blogs keeps me inspired.
Evenings are reserved for quality time with the Mister. It’s our time for some stimulating adult conversation about everything and anything. Sharing the joys and trials of parenting with a loving, thoughtful and encouraging partner makes the journey even more enjoyable and meaningful.

Trixie and the men in her life.

Follow Trixie and Bud's adventures at Memoir of a Missus. Thank you Trixie for sharing your recipe. It seems to be working wonders for you and your little family.

All images by Trixie.
Artwork by Mikka.

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  1. love this series miks! nice seeing trix up there too! though i follow memoir already :)