Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mischmash Travels {Haji Lane, Singapore}

Back in our old Singapore days, when creativity runs dry, I come to Haji Lane for some fix. Haji Lane is a small alley of charming shophouses hidden in the Muslim quarter of Singapore. It is a shopping refuge for those who are tired of the ginormous malls of Orchard.

In this narrow lane, you'll find small cafes, specialty stores, vintage shops, restaurants serving exotic cuisines, a bike shop, even a yoga studio! 

Last week, Le Misch and I braved the gloomy skies and went to Haji Lane to bring over some new clutches to one of our stockists, Pluck

Pluck is a travel guide's favorite and is always topping the list of shops to visit in Haji. It has a darling ice cream parlor and a cafe where Mischka and I like to hang out and have coffee (no, I don't make her drink coffee, she's just obsessed with preparing it).
Other shops to check out include Salad for interesting home accessories; Cafetables, a furniture shop with a cafe on the second floor; Blogshop for up and coming local designers; Cafe le Claire for Middle Eastern fare, to name a few. 

Most of the shops open late in the morning and are closed on Mondays. Haji Lane is a must-visit whenever you find your self in the little red dot on the map that is Singapore!


  1. she is the cutest!!!love her in harems and you guys both look adorable in panama hats :)

  2. Been living here almost 4 yrs and I still haven't been to Haji Lane! Will check it out one of these days