Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

Okay, so we had a full weekend. Friday, rain was still pouring hard but I managed to make it to Greenbelt 5's Fashion Overload event which I'll share with you in a separate post. Early parts of Saturday were still wet hence the boots are still in heavy rotation. We also had another successful DIY party setup which merits its own post, of course. And then there's that dinner at Chef's Table, a good few hours spent at Tabacalera lounge, and a few good minutes at Fete de la Musique. We're all getting old. We can't do long night outs anymore. 

And in case you're wondering, that's my friend Pat's insane shoes at dinner and at the Tabacalera lounge.   Figure the switch to Fitflops at Fete de la Musique? Told ya, we're getting old! Oh and I thought I'd share what I wore too. Just please excuse the horrible pictures. 

The weekend that was. Hope yours was fabulous too. 


  1. looks like a fun weekend. LOVE your outfit. and le misch's gum boots...priceless. my little one loves her 'boots rain' too. even when it isn't raining. i think we're going to get dumped on this week.

  2. Miks, where can I buy rainboots for E? :)

  3. Love your blog :) You have such good taste! Those shorts are sooo nice! Discovered your blog through my friend, Ms. Eggplant. Followed you, hope you can check out my blog too