Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spring 2011 To-Die-For Shoes

After a 3-year hiatus from sky-high, toe-pinching shoes, it's liberating to finally be able to wear them again. From pregnancy to being a full time, hands-on, always-on-the-go mum, I have long forgotten how to wear those ladies except for the occasional times I slipped on wedges.

Now that were back at the old town, where help and extra sets of hands abound (which I am extremely grateful for, by the way) I can brush up on strutting those numbers giving me extra inches. I can't wear them all day, everyday, the way I used to, pre-Mischka but once in a while is empowering enough.

Hence, I'm back to appreciating (more like drooling) over beautiful shoes and let me share with you what's in store for us come spring next year!



 David Koma

 Mary Katzrantzou


 Tommy Hilfiger

Roksanda Ilincic

 Felder Felder

Christian Siriano for Payless
(Let's cross our fingers his designs reaches our shores now that Payless is here.)

(Photos c/o

Comforting to know we have a bright future ahead of us, isn't it? In footwear, at least. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fantasy Closet-- Oxfords

I missed out on my fantasy closet visit last Wednesday to give way to more important matters-- one of which is making sure we leave our Singapore apartment in the same condition we moved in. Tough, but we made it through and I think the new tenant is happy. I think.

To make up for my inactivity, I leave you 3 ways on how to wear flat oxfords especially concocted for my good friend Ann of Annquack through the courtesy of my fantasy closet. She came to me seeking advice if she should buy a pair or not. I said, why not?

Here you go, Ann!


The Elements:

  1. Very Volatile Marlena Oxfords,
  2. Adriano Goldshmied Indigo Boyfriend Jeans,
  3. YSL Leopard Belt,
  4. Jason/ Slash Neck Sailor Tee,
  5. Mulberry Soft Bufalo Alexa Hobo,
  6. Ray Ban Aviator Sunnies,


The Elements:

  1. Very Volatile Marlena Oxfords,
  2. Buckle Front Chino Trousers,
  3. Emilio Pucci Printed Silk Scarf,
  4. See by Chloe Slouchy Drawstring Crossbody,
  5. Michael Kors Round Case Chronograph,
  6. Old Navy Western Chambray Shirt,


The Elements:
  1.  Very Volatile Marlena Oxfords,
  2. James Perse Cotton Jersey Tank Dress, 
  3. Miu Miu Paloma Messenger Bag,
  4. Crumpet V-neck Cashmere Cardi,
  5. Mali Sabatasso Chrysophase Necklace,

Heeled oxfords from Aldo
(Photo taken by my little sis)

And inspired from my visit to the coveted fantasy closet, I wore this today. I embrace androgyny but the flat version is just a tad bit too much for me. 

Hope your Wednesday was effortlessly stylish, mummies (and non-mummies too)!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

snaps from the weekend

Now that we're back in Manila, my commitment to surround Mischka with all things beautiful and creative is challenged-- but strengthened.

I was asked a couple of times if I would still blog from here, I thought why not? Life might even be more interesting now that we're back..(wink, wink)

Catching up with good ole' friends, a baptism followed by a hearty lunch, adorning cookies, and a charming art show. Our first weekend at the old town is nothing short of eventful.

 At precious Julian's baptism.

Adorning cookies at Marta's (supposedly) with Emma (too bad she fell asleep when we got there). 'Til next time, Emma!

 It was nice to bump into old friends at the Yellow Door Gallery exhibit of Martin Honasan and Carlo Ongchangco's works.

Happy Tuesday you all!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Phuket Holiday

We can finally tick off Phuket from our long list of places to conquer.  Known to be a party island to sea and be scene, it was a good place to spend our last hurrah before we start another chapter of our mischmashed lives. Oh, but to party was not on the agenda. Quite difficult when you have a feisty toddler in tow. Instead, we made this holiday as spectacular as it can be- for me, for hubby, and for the little one.

An awesomely kid-friendly resort, a day around Krabi and Phi Phi islands, a night at insanely chic SALA, a horrifying-turned-amazing elephant ride, the piquant Thai fare and a whole lot of good fun -- the Phuket holiday that was. 

 Villa 1403 and Thai coffee

The lovely turquoise interiors at JW Marriot, breakfast at Siam Deli, and an early morning swim

Phi Phi Island, Phi Phi Ley, Maya Bay, and the liquid paradise known as the Andaman Sea

 Island Safari, a 45-min (yes 45!!!) elephant ride, baby elephants, and Nhom our mahout

(I was totally smitten with SALA Phuket that I feel it deserves an entry of it's own. Watch out for that!)

So if you ever find yourself in this divine island (and if you happen to have kids in tow), these are our must tries:

  1. Stay at JW Marriott (whatever it is you may need for an ideal family vacation, they have it covered)
  2. Thai coffee at Kopi de Phuket
  3. Jim Thompson (Please don't leave the island without buying anything from here. There are a handful of outlets worth checking out at Canal Village.)
  4. Koh Phi Phi, Phi Phi Ley, and Maya Bay (you haven't seen Phuket if you haven't taken a dip where Leo Dicaprio did for The Beach 9 years ago)
  5. Taste at Surin Beach
  6. The Phuket sunset with a glass of mojito
  7. Island Safari (you gotta ride these nellies, at least once in your life right?)
Now I'm not sure if I really want to tick Phuket off our places to conquer list as I am hoping we can find time to go back. 4 full days were not enough, I feel. I'm quite sure hubby and Le Misch feel the same way.

I have been awfully quiet of late due to the big move. But I'm slowly gaining momentum one entry at a time. Need to get my groove back this week! If I had a long list of to-dos in Singapore, my to-do's in manic Manila is even looonger.

So far, so good. Hope your Monday got off to a good start too!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I never thought I'd feel this way about leaving this tiny red dot on the map.

Two years ago, we came here fresh off our Mediterranean honeymoon. A newly married couple excited and hopeful of a good life ahead of us in a foreign land. And with us was a bun in the oven a little over a month along the way. So was a bad case of morning sickness. Here I was extremely nauseated and uninspired in a place which I first thought lacked soul and patina.

For someone who finds inspiration even in the most mundane of things, finding none in such a place was strange and a tad bit depressing for me. But looking back, it probably wasn't the place. It was the uncomfortable pregnant phase I was in.

And then this little person came along. It took me Mischka to appreciate this place we called home for two years. It was through her eyes that I begin to realize how blessed we are to have such an opportunity. Singapore was our oyster, we made it rockefeller. So to speak.

Two years, 96 boxes, one 20 foot container later, we packed the treasures and trash we've accumulated to embark on another adventure.

Manila, please be good to us.

Singapore, we are not crossing you out on our map. Not just yet. As we might just be back. Two full years of charm, independence, priceless bonding, and great friends to keep forever -- we have you to thank for.

Here's a round up of our last days and the things we'll surely miss.

 Trying on mum's obi belt while everyone else was busy packing.

Ikea, of course.

Trying out some chairs.

Dinner at Nando's 

Le Misch with her inspector lola pose and her spanking new pink scooter!

Thank you Kara and Lucas!

The clean toilets and parents room, we wish we had these in Manila.

Looking for her bed, her sofa, her cow.. where art thou?
Camping out while we wait for our broker.

Even our plants are not so happy were leaving- and they're staying!

Cotton On Kids, of course!

At the airport.

First to board and found her seat by herself. 

We love SQ!

So farewell, SG! It has been two good years. Thank you.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I love dressing up my little girl. That's a given. And that is one of the infinite reasons why I love being a mum to Mischka.

As early as 18 months, she seems to be fascinated with the same things as I am. She loves me in a dress and lets out a very cute expression.. "oooh wow!" everytime I step out of the room wearing one.

She runs to my closet whenever she sees it open and is over the moon when I allow her to tinker with my stuff. She would dig through my treasures and would effortlessly pile on the necklaces and bangles and watches and whatever it is that catches her fancy.

We would both make a twirl (or two) when dressed up and  find our silly selves giggling on the floor soon after.

She is growing to be a happy child and that makes one happy mummy in me.

 In a dress from Gingersnaps and sandals from Colettee

Going back to dressing her up, I would love Le Misch to don these pieces.

Aren't these the prettiest? They're simple, they're handmade, and they are so chic. Just the kind of clothes I want on her. All available at Chakra Design Studio.

Checking in from Marriott Mai Khao, Phuket! It's lovely here, needless to say.

Today we get to meet the Andaman Sea and see if it is indeed a liquid paradise. Nice way to kick off the weekend, isn't it? 

Happy Friday lovelies!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bitten Once Again

The travel bug has bitten us-- once again. You see, if hubby and I have a vice, it would be traveling. A vice we will happily tolerate. Our romance with travel is one of the reasons why we decided to move to Singapore two years ago. The place being a hub for the many travels we wish to do together as a couple. And travel (near and far) we did.

Two years later, with an equally curious, itchy feet toddler, we dream of taking her to places we so love like         

Capri, oh dear Capri..




Mykonos, how we miss you

Mischka, how we wish you were with us when we fell in love with Capri and Mykonos as we are sure you will too.. But for now, Phuket will have to do.

Tomorrow and the few days after that, we will embark on yet another journey of elephant rides, island hopping, sun basking, Paul Ropp-ing, John Underwood-ing and (hopefully) some spa-ing!

Swimwear, check. Caftan, check. Sunblock, check. Nana, check. Luxe Guide, check. Some reads for me and Le Misch, check. Plus a whole lot of caboodle underneath.

Phuket-- watch out, we're armed and ready!