Friday, September 17, 2010


I love dressing up my little girl. That's a given. And that is one of the infinite reasons why I love being a mum to Mischka.

As early as 18 months, she seems to be fascinated with the same things as I am. She loves me in a dress and lets out a very cute expression.. "oooh wow!" everytime I step out of the room wearing one.

She runs to my closet whenever she sees it open and is over the moon when I allow her to tinker with my stuff. She would dig through my treasures and would effortlessly pile on the necklaces and bangles and watches and whatever it is that catches her fancy.

We would both make a twirl (or two) when dressed up and  find our silly selves giggling on the floor soon after.

She is growing to be a happy child and that makes one happy mummy in me.

 In a dress from Gingersnaps and sandals from Colettee

Going back to dressing her up, I would love Le Misch to don these pieces.

Aren't these the prettiest? They're simple, they're handmade, and they are so chic. Just the kind of clothes I want on her. All available at Chakra Design Studio.

Checking in from Marriott Mai Khao, Phuket! It's lovely here, needless to say.

Today we get to meet the Andaman Sea and see if it is indeed a liquid paradise. Nice way to kick off the weekend, isn't it? 

Happy Friday lovelies!

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