Monday, September 27, 2010

Phuket Holiday

We can finally tick off Phuket from our long list of places to conquer.  Known to be a party island to sea and be scene, it was a good place to spend our last hurrah before we start another chapter of our mischmashed lives. Oh, but to party was not on the agenda. Quite difficult when you have a feisty toddler in tow. Instead, we made this holiday as spectacular as it can be- for me, for hubby, and for the little one.

An awesomely kid-friendly resort, a day around Krabi and Phi Phi islands, a night at insanely chic SALA, a horrifying-turned-amazing elephant ride, the piquant Thai fare and a whole lot of good fun -- the Phuket holiday that was. 

 Villa 1403 and Thai coffee

The lovely turquoise interiors at JW Marriot, breakfast at Siam Deli, and an early morning swim

Phi Phi Island, Phi Phi Ley, Maya Bay, and the liquid paradise known as the Andaman Sea

 Island Safari, a 45-min (yes 45!!!) elephant ride, baby elephants, and Nhom our mahout

(I was totally smitten with SALA Phuket that I feel it deserves an entry of it's own. Watch out for that!)

So if you ever find yourself in this divine island (and if you happen to have kids in tow), these are our must tries:

  1. Stay at JW Marriott (whatever it is you may need for an ideal family vacation, they have it covered)
  2. Thai coffee at Kopi de Phuket
  3. Jim Thompson (Please don't leave the island without buying anything from here. There are a handful of outlets worth checking out at Canal Village.)
  4. Koh Phi Phi, Phi Phi Ley, and Maya Bay (you haven't seen Phuket if you haven't taken a dip where Leo Dicaprio did for The Beach 9 years ago)
  5. Taste at Surin Beach
  6. The Phuket sunset with a glass of mojito
  7. Island Safari (you gotta ride these nellies, at least once in your life right?)
Now I'm not sure if I really want to tick Phuket off our places to conquer list as I am hoping we can find time to go back. 4 full days were not enough, I feel. I'm quite sure hubby and Le Misch feel the same way.

I have been awfully quiet of late due to the big move. But I'm slowly gaining momentum one entry at a time. Need to get my groove back this week! If I had a long list of to-dos in Singapore, my to-do's in manic Manila is even looonger.

So far, so good. Hope your Monday got off to a good start too!


  1. Mikks, this is my second attempt to comment -- don't know why my first didn't post...

    Thanks for sharing this Mikks! our first ever trip in Oct 08, we just lay around the Marriott vicinity and didn't do anything. The best we did was the elephant ride, and it was just incidental as we just saw an elephant by the beach---hahahhaha.. Well it was my option as I was lazy and didnt want to do anything.

    This time around, I will try and experience the things you recommend. Except maybe the Sala -- and just stick to our membership at Marriott. Thanks for doing the Phuket HW :-)

    See you in Manila!

  2. Hi Mi! You got to at least have drinks in SALA. It's near Marriott. And you have to see the islands!!! They're amazing. Although they're not that much different from what we have in El Nido. But since you're there. might as well. Have fun you guys!