Monday, September 6, 2010

snaps from the weekend

Another week gone, another weekend spent to the fullest. Everyday I can feel our last days in Singapore drawing nearer and nearer.  And everyday my to-do list is getting longer and longer. Sigh.

Thank goodness my folks came over the weekend to help us execute our Operation: Enjoy Singapore! They came along to Le Misch's Musical Monkeys class and apart from the quintessential shopping and sight seeing, the family blissfully bonded in our little adobe.

Sunday was sweet as our Singapore friends (who have become our family) threw us a farewell bbq party. Over some caveman's steak, grilled sausages and veggies, some local fare (chicken rice, roti prata, and prawn mee) and chilled white wine, we reminisce our two years in the city.

To our dear friends who thoughtfully arranged such- more than the food, what we'll miss the most is your company.

The weekend that was.

Musical Monkeys

Marina Bay Sands (again)

 She's a workout for lolo/ wowo.

BBQ Farewell
Adrienne's going away gift for Mischka.

Mummy Tricia in action. It felt like a children's party!
 It's the scooter again!
We're contemplating on getting her one.

Our hostess with the mostest, Cara Confi.
Pretty mum and daughter tandem, Pia and Kara.

Personalized berry pie care of our resident baker, Pia C.

Knocked out.
With the Chuas, the Favilas, the Punos (sans Mr. P) and the Felicianos.  Thank you guys!

How was your weekend? Wish it was as full as ours!


  1. how funny, mikks.. i feel sad that you are leaving singapore too:-( it's like all those lunches and coffees we've had are all memories now; good ones though..

    please always remind micshka of us -- tita mia and menca, ok... don't let her forget us!! :-) sentimiento tambien:-(

  2. Its really sad Mi.. but its for the good of all :) Don't worry, Mischka will never forget you and Manang Menca. We shall see you in BKK! And in Manila, of course.