Monday, August 23, 2010

its official

Yes, it's official. Our Singapore fling is coming to an end. Hubby is relieved (well, in a month or so) from his ball and chain and has officially signed his life away to a giant back home.

Bitter-sweet it is, actually. Just when Le Misch and I were beginning to enjoy our mischmashed lives here, we now have to pack up and go. But that's how it will be. We are grateful for the blessings that come our way, may it be big or small. And Le Misch and I will happily trail our man. Simply because, we (us three) are a team. 

 On our way back from walking hubby to work. One of the many things we'll surely miss.

Hence, Le Misch and I are officially launching OPERATION: Enjoy Singapore! for our last month here. Now, that should be fun!

Up next, our snaps from the weekend!

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