Monday, August 23, 2010

snaps from the weekend

A trip to Marina Bay Sands, a chance upon Baybeats in Esplanade, and a case of Roseola (yes that's right, Roseola). 

That weekend that was. 

 Zadig & Voltaire. Something to look forward to, Singapore.
A wall at the hotel.
If they can do that, 
 Le Misch can do this.

Baybeats at Esplanade
What Singapore has been up to. 

Exploring the Japanese library.
Tangerine, teal, and green. Sometimes they can work well together (at least, I thought it did!)
The elements:
Marc Jacobs tangerine wrap top
Old Navy teal shorts
Vintage green glass bead necklace (which hubby thought was 'funny-looking')
Cole Vintage sandals (not seen in the picture)

Katsumi Udon, what Misch and I usually have here.
She looooves it.
Oh yes, she really does.

Sunday Morning
 I was about to get this,
but my attention was called, because of this.
I guess we just have to come back, Bird & Co.
 Roseola strikes. Unwanted guest, please don't stay too long. 

Don't wanna end this on an unhappy note. Le Misch is doing great and fighting the virus (arrgh!) with panache.

Here's to a great week ahead!


  1. OMG Miks!!!! i cant believe it!! This is probably just my 3rd time to read your blog and what do i see??

    DO NOT BUY the workbook... "My Wonderful World Of Fashion"!! I bought it for you and it would have been my Xmas gift to you! hahaha!! HOW FUNNY IS THAT?? Dont I know you so well?!!

    Well, since you spoilt my Christmas surprise... it'll be a wonderful coming home present for you, intead:)

    When's the big day??

  2. That is freaky Vicks!!! But in a good way, of course. You just know me tooooo well! Why do shop so early for Christmas anyway??!!

    Not that I'm complaining.I can't wait to see you and work on my 'workbook.'

    We should be in town end of Sept. See you then! And thanks for my coming home present :)