Wednesday, August 18, 2010

an amazing gift

"Mischka, I've always wondered how it would be to have a baby. I never thought it would be like you. You are an amazing gift." Those were the words uttered by dear hubby as our darling toddler was being her jolly self around our little abode this evening.

I was moved by what I heard. You see, it is rare to get that kind of reaction, all the more that kind of emotion from our man. That is why I just had to write this in at such an ungodly hour. In the hopes that someday, our dear Mischka will get to read and appreciate it.

At dinner time this evening, having her dessert.

Tonight too, she picked up a book, hugged her cow, tucked herself in bed and declared she's going to sleep by saying "night-night."

An amazing gift, indeed.


  1. awww...that was so sweet. it's really amazing how much love and joy the little ones have brought into our lives. they melt even the hearts of grown men, haha.

  2. Mikk. I love this post!! It's like jay, drooling when he sees Menca do acing lilttle things;).

    Yehey to softy Dads!!

  3. Hi Trix! Yes they sure have the ability to melt all our hearts! And in our babies' case, they are beginning to realize they can use it to their advantage :)

    Hi Mi! I'm sure you can relate! But oh, Mitch is far from softy, haha!