Friday, August 27, 2010

what a week!

Now, I think am entitled to give out that clichéd expression 'thank goodness it's Friday!' 

Le Misch and I had a full week, to say the least. I don't know what I was thinking but I added another hat to my slew of hats. I've taken up a role as contributing stylist to a travel magazine and had to complete my first assignment this week. Amidst running a (small) household, taking care of a (sometimes) demanding toddler (and hubby, hah!), designing, writing, and attending to our big move, I got myself committing to a deadline driven project. Oooops.

But how can I say no to a fashion and travel assignment rolled into one? And get paid for doing something you love? A wise mischmashed mummy does not say no to such grace.

So here's a peek at our week filled to the brim. 

 Aboard the train, day 1 of our styling adventure.

She got some free loot from Prologue.

Coffee break at Wild Honey.

Pouring over some September ish.

The day of the shoot.

She instantly made friends.

 The Art Director of Ink thought she was the subject of the shoot. Hilarious!

Feeling at home in the studio.

What we've been running around town for.

Of course, cow had to tag along.
I couldn't be more pleased of the turn out of this week. You see, I have been stressing over whether I should take her to the shoot, leave her with a goodhearted friend or she goes with her dad to work. 

Obviously,  I decided to take her with me, with the editor's go signal of course. Thank goodness for understanding bosses, child-loving employees, and melt down-free days, Le Misch and I were able to complete our little project. And complete it well, we did.

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