Friday, August 20, 2010

a mischmashed pair

If there is a pair of shoes that embodies my mischmashed life, it would be this.

Balenciaga, F/W 2010-2011

The 70's is commanding a strong presence in the Fall runways and evident to the fact is this mélange of acrylic, leather, foam, and plywood of a shoe. Whew! 

But no, I am not getting this pair. It's a little too much for me. And besides, the mummy in me will argue on it's practicality. Not to mention hubby, on its insane 4-figure price tag.

This number will sure have some space in my fantasy closet.

Wait, its Friday already? 

Oh, hello there weekend! Nice to have you back!


  1. I am loving your posts and fantasy closet!!! =) Keep them coming. You have a gift!

  2. Thanks Ann! I'm glad you love them! Watch out for the one dedicated to you and your oxfords!