Monday, August 16, 2010

snaps from the weekend

The weekend kicked off with a dinner hosted by the fabulous Favilas where there were good food, a plethora of desserts, lots of play time for the kids and great company. Le Misch tried to ride the scooter and was just plain happy with lots of kids and toys around. 

Saturday morning, we headed out to Marina at Keppel Bay for brunch at Privé. Hubby had a heady feeling from the night before so we had to beg off from what would have been another fun afternoon at Trapizza.

Sunday was supposed to be lazy but I had to run some errands and the two (naturally) came along. We tried Skinny Pizza for lunch which turned out to be good and light which then merits a return. 

And for some reason the three of us ended up walking down Emerald Hill while admiring the quaint and lovely Peranakan houses. 

The weekend that was.

Friday Night


Saturday Morning


Le Misch meets a friend (or two) wherever she goes.

 Me, Misch, and her cow. She has fallen in love with her cow all over again that she REFUSES to leave him at home.

Striping and polka dotting on a Saturday morning.

 The Marina.

Father + daughter.

Sunday Lunch

 Piled up luggages. Nice touch.

Skinny, indeed.

We didn't have any.

Emerald Hill

Dark wood + yellow walls.

Pink and blue windows + saloon doors.

Hot pink and gray windows + saloon doors.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!


  1. love the outfit miks! you look so chic and put together as usual :) i so love misch's curiousity. am still hoping we get to see sg with you guys BUT!! not sure we can do it so soon :( hey check out the blog i was telling you about, -- love, love, love that blog :)


  2. hi pat!!! thank you!! hows NYC?! i was gonna ask you about that blog you mentioned, good thing you reminded me. have a wonderful time in NYC!

  3. loved the polka dot skirt, miks! you should really post more photos of your outfits :)

  4. yes simply GORG Miks! :) Miss ya! I still owe the wee one ice cream next time you're in town. Too bad I didn't get to see you in this trip

  5. Thanks girls! Hi Vi! Sorry we didn't get to see you the last time. But not worries, we will be home again soon.

    Hi Trix! I love reading your blog too! I love the recipes! Keep it up! As for the outfits, Il try. My photography skills will be put to a challenge definitely :)

  6. Miks, NYC was wonderful. Loved its energy! :) Didn't see any SATC fashion though, probably coz we were in times square and all we saw were tourists - like us! :)

    Can't wait to have you guys back! See you soon :)