Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bitten Once Again

The travel bug has bitten us-- once again. You see, if hubby and I have a vice, it would be traveling. A vice we will happily tolerate. Our romance with travel is one of the reasons why we decided to move to Singapore two years ago. The place being a hub for the many travels we wish to do together as a couple. And travel (near and far) we did.

Two years later, with an equally curious, itchy feet toddler, we dream of taking her to places we so love like         

Capri, oh dear Capri..




Mykonos, how we miss you

Mischka, how we wish you were with us when we fell in love with Capri and Mykonos as we are sure you will too.. But for now, Phuket will have to do.

Tomorrow and the few days after that, we will embark on yet another journey of elephant rides, island hopping, sun basking, Paul Ropp-ing, John Underwood-ing and (hopefully) some spa-ing!

Swimwear, check. Caftan, check. Sunblock, check. Nana, check. Luxe Guide, check. Some reads for me and Le Misch, check. Plus a whole lot of caboodle underneath.

Phuket-- watch out, we're armed and ready!


  1. happy moments in Phuket to you dear Mishka:-) Manang Menca loved it there, and you would too!

    Mikks, bday of sistah Bic2, who is off to her Vietman Vash:-)

    I will do Phuket next month too, so let me know how it is...

  2. Thanks Mi! I greeted Madamme V already. You have fun with the fam in P too!