Friday, September 24, 2010


I never thought I'd feel this way about leaving this tiny red dot on the map.

Two years ago, we came here fresh off our Mediterranean honeymoon. A newly married couple excited and hopeful of a good life ahead of us in a foreign land. And with us was a bun in the oven a little over a month along the way. So was a bad case of morning sickness. Here I was extremely nauseated and uninspired in a place which I first thought lacked soul and patina.

For someone who finds inspiration even in the most mundane of things, finding none in such a place was strange and a tad bit depressing for me. But looking back, it probably wasn't the place. It was the uncomfortable pregnant phase I was in.

And then this little person came along. It took me Mischka to appreciate this place we called home for two years. It was through her eyes that I begin to realize how blessed we are to have such an opportunity. Singapore was our oyster, we made it rockefeller. So to speak.

Two years, 96 boxes, one 20 foot container later, we packed the treasures and trash we've accumulated to embark on another adventure.

Manila, please be good to us.

Singapore, we are not crossing you out on our map. Not just yet. As we might just be back. Two full years of charm, independence, priceless bonding, and great friends to keep forever -- we have you to thank for.

Here's a round up of our last days and the things we'll surely miss.

 Trying on mum's obi belt while everyone else was busy packing.

Ikea, of course.

Trying out some chairs.

Dinner at Nando's 

Le Misch with her inspector lola pose and her spanking new pink scooter!

Thank you Kara and Lucas!

The clean toilets and parents room, we wish we had these in Manila.

Looking for her bed, her sofa, her cow.. where art thou?
Camping out while we wait for our broker.

Even our plants are not so happy were leaving- and they're staying!

Cotton On Kids, of course!

At the airport.

First to board and found her seat by herself. 

We love SQ!

So farewell, SG! It has been two good years. Thank you.


  1. OMG!!!! I almost cried for you:-) So you really have packed your bags and headed home???? Oh gosh...

    Manila will be a good place for you, MIkk.. it always has been:-) Let's just try to remember Sing as it was:-) I miss Sing too

  2. Mi, we are home already! Arrived last night. It feels strange and sad that we're not going back to SG anymore, well not anytime soon, that is.

  3. I'm sorry that I didn't get the chance to spend more time w you guys. But my departure from Y I clammed up from anyone from there for a year. Anyway, hope to catch up with you for lost time if you r back in SG again. Miss your classiness and stylist fashion sense. And all the best to your lovely bag business :-)

  4. Hey Lady Boss Suzz! Thanks for dropping a note. And thank you for introducing me to retailers when we first got there. I really appreciate that. Goodluck on your new endeavor. It sounds fun and very interesting, a lot better than Y! (oops) :)

  5. oh wow, you're back in manila! keep us posted on your new adventure in the old town :)