Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY Al Capone-meets-Hamptons Gentleman Party

The Mr. just turned 35. He's not big on parties and neither is the Mrs. I wanted to make it extra special for him, though. And since I'm BIG on DIY homegrown fetes, I called upon my 2 good friends whom I always consult with in times like these and together we envisioned and executed an intimate and meaningful celebration. 

Occasion: The Mr. turns 35.
Theme: Al Capone-meets-Hamptons Gentleman
Location: Wine Depot Reposo
Food: Asian fusion by Purple Feet
Wine: Lots of Chardonnay and some red. We were in Wine Depot, after all.
Noteworthy details: Stripes and Wingtips

The invitation and the personalized tobacco and matchbox as name cards.
The table cloth was canvas hand painted with bold black stripes. Place mats were striped gift wrappers and those colorful striped fabric I got from Fanbi.
I borrowed my mum's battery-operated christmas lights she got from Ikea and saw my vision of 'dinner under the stars' come to life.
To celebrate 35 years of his life, I put together his top 35 things from hair products to major milestones. 
35 cupcakes with stripes and wingtips.
The girls wore stripes.
While the boys wore hand made striped bow ties and wingtips stick-ons.
Pat, our yogi friend, finding time to do a pose in her fabulous striped Salsa Trends dress.
I asked 2 things of him that day: wear a dress shirt and not to work late. 
It was a happy moment with the night ending on a high note (and the Mrs. having a little too much wine).

Special thanks to my accomplices Penelope Uy and Vicky Marchadesch.  To Anthony Co for the fabulous photography. And to all our wonderful friends who were all so game, dress code, theme, and all. I wouldn't have done it without you guys.  

Cheers to the Mr. and his 35 years! 


  1. hi,very cool party Mikka! btw you are friends with ChinChin Bautista..her dad is my ninong (birth /wedding)! =)

  2. your husband is very lucky! =)

  3. Hi Maja! Yes Chin is a good friend and a business partner too. What a small world we have here!

    Hi Ana! Thank you! It goes both ways :)

    Thanks for your comments ladies!