Thursday, May 26, 2011

BFC's Chic Moms Club

I happened to be invited to Bounty Fresh's Chic Moms Club website launch last week. It was held at the glitzy Salon de Ning at the Manila Peninsula. I entered the venue curious and excited. And a tad early so I started snapping pictures of the praise worthy interiors. 
The Chic Moms Club is a go-to place on the web for the busy, tech-savvy, and albeit chic moms out there. It has tips on cooking, fashion, home, travel, health, and almost everything else that concerns a mom. 
Bounty Fresh Chicken Ambassador, Ms. Lea Salonga, graced the event and sang a medley of songs, much to the delight of the chic moms who attended.
Manila's top chefs were also there to give their take on the freshness and plumpness of the chicken, vacuum-packed in state-of-the-art facilities. With Chef Sau del Rosario tagging it as the "Angus of dressed chicken."
I had a wonderful time meeting fellow moms and bloggers, Tiff and Sarah.
I was eyeing the utterly cute basket tote from RIIR and guess who brought one home for being the Chic Mom of day? (Wearing a Possibility jumpsuit, vintage belt, Aldo wedges, and a Kathy Webb statement ring.)

Le Misch was shrieking in delight when I showed her the basket and filled it with her toys in no time. So much for my chic plan to use it as a picnic basket! 

So to all of us who are still mastering the juggling act of motherhood, it's comforting to know that we have easy access to tools like the Chic Moms Club, which can one way or another help make our load lighter.  Be a CMC member now!

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  1. i sense a little budding fashionista in le misch! :) go buy the shoes na, they're sold out worldwide! :)