Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guest Blogger Series {Mia of CATwife in BKK}

I am over the moon, dearies, as Mummy Mikka asked me to be her first guest-blogger—and for such an exciting topic at that—Recipe for an Easy Breezy Motherhood!

But oops, first I’d like to introduce myself; My name is Mia, creator and publisher of CATwife In BKK and {Just Add Inspiration}

Mikka and I go way back; we had been such good friends cum coffee/lunch buddies, during our good ol’ Singapore days. Though we both had to follow our husbands' paths (she in Manila and I here in BKK) we have not lost touch.

Ok, moving on…. Here are my 8 (sorry Mikka, I know you said 7) things, my passions and my loves; things that makes Mommyhood a bit easier; they are not necessarily in any order.

I love our new home here in BKK. It’s more spacious and so conducive to decorating. I love adding, editing, moving things around. I think I shop more for my home than clothes. I challenge myself to look for cheap chic stuff too.

I love Art—Philippine Art. This is my guiltiest pleasure in my list! I started collecting art pieces about 4 yrs ago, back in Singapore, and have not looked back. My Art has even evolved from “nice” to what my husband would call “weird.” But that’s the thing I LOVE about Art, no one can dictate what you see and what you feel. If it speaks to me, and I can afford it, I acquire it (with my husband’s consent of course). My Home and Art go together. Click here to take a tour.

I thought I loved bags more than shoes, but I realized I love them both! I go gaga over branded stuff (especially Tods), but I still buy local ones. As long as I like it, it really doesn’t matter what brand it is. When buying branded stuff, I really wait for the sale. I really don’t have that much (considering I love them) because I go for quality than quantity. Plus having lived in Singapore where space is an issue, I have to discern what I buy.

Accessories—especially Chunky Rings! I don’t buy clothes that often, so if I want to update my look, I accessorize instead. I also have a love affair with big chunky rings! When I see one that I fall in love with, even if I don’t need it, I buy it —bad me.

I cannot live without my: iphone4, iPad, Macbook. I am a confessed Social Media addict. I keep 3 emails, I tweet, I Pinterest , I instagram, I Flickr —ha! Endless. Plus, I am so passionate about blogging, you have no idea. Both my blogs are not only my past-time but my therapy. I love writing and being creative about what to blog about. I also love my photography (visit my site here ), so I am always with my other baby Canon 5D Mark II, (not in photo) Oh, and for running, I cannot do without my Polar Heart Rate and Foot pod.

This is my ME –TIME. Over the years, I have come to enjoy and now love it even more. I started being serious and joined races back in Singapore. I did about 5 10km races and 1 21K, so far. I am not fast but I love the thrill. Now, I am training again to do another 21k in June for the Phuket Marathon, so I have been running almost everyday now. I even got a trainer this time and kept sort of a running diary. Click here to read.
Nothing like a good glass (or bottle) for unwinding, and catching up with the hubby. It’s not every day we do this, but when we do, we enjoy every minute of it. We enjoy it at home or at times we go out.
Sounds ironic, or a bit corny, but its true—my Family keeps me grounded and sane. I especially love that we take at least once-a-year-trips (which is a MUST) together and just bond.

Thanks again Mummy Mikka for having me. I super enjoyed sharing with you my 8 simple things in life that keeps me going! And my dearies, I hope you stop by my blogs!


CATWife Mia

**All images by Mia. Artwork by Mikka.


  1. My sissy is just as wonderful... :)
    Mutual Admiration Club;)

    Thank you mischmash mom for making the Marchadesch sisters such a stylish duo!

  2. Thank you, MIkka; Thanks for having me! Sissy is right, we rock in style:-) Of course:-) Your blog is one big fab one too!!!

    more power to your stylish life... Manila is good to you, i can see!