Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a few things

I've got a full, almost frantic week ahead of me which by the way, kicked off with an awfully early radio guesting yesterday, with the rest of the day being a fashion show frenzy. All's well that ends well and will show you more of that when I get the photos.

Meanwhile, allow me to share with you a few things. Last week during my late night blog-hopping, I found my jaw dropping when I realized I won 101 grams of (eye) candy awesome blog giveaway. This fine lady put together a bunch of pretty things that I just had to join even though I know luck is not much on my side when it comes to these things. 

Well oh well.

I loved how she raffled off the entries the old fashion way. I'm telling you, this girl (and her blog) is brimming with eye candies. I so can't wait to get my hands on my loot.

Still in blog-land, I'm ticked pink to share with you that team Mischmash landed on the virtual pages of stylebible.ph along side Manila's fashionable mums. I am humbled and honored that they even thought of me! 

So there, 2 little things that sort of got me on a high last week. Now I got to get back to wife duties, as it's the hubby's birthday today and I am hosting a small fete tonight. Wish me luck I pull off my Al Capone-meets-Hamptons Gentleman theme.

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  1. COngrats Mikka and enjoy those skittles!!! ha! ha! I love your bag!! :D