Thursday, May 5, 2011

How To Have Fun In Taiwan With A Wee One

Taiwan is the most underrated tourist destination in Asia. I long had this notion that there is nothing much to see and that if you've seen Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai, there's no point in visiting. I was wrong and was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is so much more to it than meets the eye

It's clean and the people are so warm. There are lots of attractions and public transport is so efficient. And the food.. I cannot even begin to put into words how much I enjoyed the food there. You see, I'm not much of a foodie but I love eating street food. Let's just say Taiwan is street food haven. 

We were in Taipei for 4 full days and yet we still had places we wanted to see but didn't have much time. Did I mention, it's very much child-friendly too?

Here's a rough guide I made on how to enjoy Taiwan with a wee one.

1. In travelling, no matter how long or short the commute, always be prepared. Pack snacks, books, and small entertaining toys to keep the toddler buckled up. 

2. Use the public transport. The glee you see on the face of your child each time you hop on the train and the bus is priceless.

3. Get a comfortable hotel. There are a lot of good reasonable hotels in Taipei and around.

4. The street food is a must try. Taiwan is known for 'little eats' and you will find these in night markets that abound all over the city.

5. Must have tea. Go up Jiufen and soak up on a cup or two of tea.

6. Stop and smell the roses. There are art works and installations scattered all over. Take time to appreciate.

7. Go up Taipei 101. This skycraper is quite an experience. If your wee one is below 115cm, he/she gets in for free.

8. Take the train to the zoo. It took us just around 15mins to get to the zoo from where we were staying. Look around and say hi to the giant pandas, the highlight of our trip.

So go have fun in Taiwan and don't forget to bring you wee ones!


  1. Great post! I love the travel tips. And, OMG, Mikka--I LOVE the hat. Where did you get yours?

  2. Hi N! Thanks!! Got it from Uniqlo :)

  3. i was going to ask about the hat too - very cool!