Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parisian Chic

I hardly have time to catch up on my reads, but this one falls under collection pieces, that's nice to have and go back to every once on awhile especially when you're a lover of all things Parisian. 

French model Ines de la Fressange is sharing priceless styling tips on effortless glamour in this must-have style guide. Truly a purveyor of Parisian chic, her do's and dont's come with charming drawings by Ines herself.

(via Lonny)

My favorite tips are number 1 and number10. What's yours?
10. Jeans with gem-encrusted sandals (not sneakers)
1. An evening dress with a straw handbag (not with a gold clutch)

Moi, 4 years ago in Paris, pre-Mischka, sans the Parisian Chic Style Guide

I absolutely love Paris. I am crossing my fingers I get to go back and when I do, I'm bringing my petite fille with me. 

The Parisian Chic Style Guide is available via Amazon.


  1. I absolutely LOVED paris. we went four years ago, too, in july 2007. we did it with two kids (we now have three) and i found it very easy to wander the streets with kids. i think using what little french i had went a long way in how we were accepted by the locals. we managed to zip through the lourve in 2 hours and enjoyed a picnic on the grounds outside. i'd go back to paris in a heartbeat, one of the most beautiful vacations i've had, for sure!

  2. Hi N! Hey I was there just a month after you! How old were your kids then? Would go back in a heartbeat too.

  3. how cool! when we went, the weather was just perfect - sunny (except for the day we went to the eiffel tower) and not too hot. not humid at all, like hong kong is at that time. the kids were 4 and 18 months at that time. super easy. the flying was the hardest with an 18 month old, but the walking in the city (and we did a lot) was easy. granted we had sisters, brother-in-law and my parents there to help (and give shoulder rides to my son). and, the city is VERY stroller friendly. we'll definitely go back!

  4. Hey Miks..thanks for this book tip....I will go ahead and buy myself one...of course, the going to the Paris part will probably take some time....:D But hey, i can dress in Parisian Chic here in Manila, right? Love your blog! - Roselle

  5. Miks! Glad to know my Bohol-bought straw clutch is Paris-worthy :) Hahaha!!

  6. went to paris in winter but i tried my best with my limited stash of clothes, wore black, black and black. it was the last stop on our month-long european sojourn. wish we could just fly there...

  7. same here ..i love paris.. and hoping we could go there together miks! imagine what that would be like!

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  9. Hi!

    I love the list. I heard about this book, and it sounds quite interesting :) I'm from Bacolod by the way, and your blog is amazing.