Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fantasy Closet {a little girl's spring wish list}

Dear Mischmash readers, 

My Mama is letting me sit in for today's fantasy closet visit as I have been extremely bored at home, trying to get rid of my wicked cough and colds. I, therefore, will share with you what I have been mulling over ever since I developed a penchant for pretty things, which was at the tender age of 1 or so, if I remember right. 

I have always wanted a trunki but my parents think it's utterly  impractical. I think it's utterly cute. I am currently fascinated with dinosaurs so books and stories about it are on top of my list. Some chambray, stripes, leopard sandals, a tan saddle bag, and some red mocassins would spruce up my Spring wardrobe, and so my Mama thinks. 

Care to share what's topping your Spring wish list?

le m


  1. so cute, my lil' audrey wants a trunki too (or is it me?). get well to you.

  2. Thanks Ana! Trunkies are just too cute right??