Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fretful, Tired, Grateful

What will be left of it for our children?

With my daughter being sick for days now, I am not exactly in high spirits. My total being is consumed by her each time she's unwell. I dare not complain. I am just a little tired. Yet grateful, that in spite of the wicked cough and colds along with the stressful high temperatures, the little girl is taking it all in stride, ever so sweetly and gracefully.

And then there's that great tragedy in Japan. Watching the news, breaks my heart. With all these things happening to our dear planet, I am deeply bothered as to what will be left of it for our children.

I have to do something. We all have to something. Now.


  1. I'm with you. And, it's deeply distressing to feel, in times like this great tragedy, a little small and unable to do anything to help. But, we can. Every small action like picking up that plastic bottle that someone else left behind, adds up to make a collectively bigger thing. I try my best to teach my own kids about the environment and change my ways myself so that we're all moving towards a more responsible perspective for our planet. Hope your darling girl feels better soon.

  2. Mikk, hope Misch feels better:-) And kudos to you for keeping that spirit alive:-) Japan's tragedy is so bad but we have to go on...

    Just pray.