Monday, March 7, 2011

Nixon 42 20 Chrono

If you have been following my weekly fantasy closet visits, you should be aware by now how much of a fan I am of Nixon. My heart goes out to the 42 20 Chrono which comes in an array of colors and variations, making it very difficult for me to pick one. Just one.

It took me forever to decide which one I would splurge on. It's not exactly cheap but neither is it expensive compared to signature watches we're so used to seeing out there. I'm not big on the brand, I'm big on the SIZE.

Ever since the advent of oversized watches on teeny tiny wrists, I've never looked back. For me, a watch is not a watch when it's not oversized.

Through Newtrends International, Nixon has recent presence in the Philippines. Their store, Segnatempo carries the brand and I learned from the sales people there that their Nixon pieces are selling fast! Too bad they don't carry the gold tones, as according to them gold tone watches usually have the lowest sell throughs.

Anyhoo, I scoured online shops carrying Nixon. From Net-a-porter, to Amazon, to Nordstorm. I finally found what I was looking for in Ebay! Yes in Ebay! At an offering no other store has.

It was a tough choice between the all-gold tone and the antique gold tone. I finally settled for the antique gold, which someone else was happy with too, apparently.

 P.S. She is strongly convinced that the gold studded Jean&Rosz bracelet is hers(!) and that I'm only borrowing. She would cry and fuss if she sees me wearing it without asking for permission. My goodness, what have I created?


  1. gorgeous watches. my hubby has the neon yellow one. i, myself, am smitten with the gold toned one. or your antiqued gold one is also a gem. i had to chuckle at your pic of the little one in 'her' bracelet. the same thing happens here. you should see how quickly one of my two daughters puts on my shoes when i leave them by the door. face it, as a mother, NOTHING is yours exclusively. ever again.

  2. You could say that again. Nowadays, it's not just the bracelet, a lot of necklaces and boy how she loves my shoes too! It's scary!!! :)) If you're planning to get a watch, the Nixon is a good choice. I'm sure your hubby can attest to that :)

  3. i have a nixon watch too and love it! shopbop sells nixon